3 Top London Casinos

When you’re at home its fun to enjoy a gambling adventure at the Vegas online casino which you can play on your PC or mobile gaming device. If you’re traveling in London however you might want to head out for an evening or two at one of London’s exclusive and opulent casino sites.

England has a long history as a gambling mecca for people who want to place bets on everything from predicted football scores to guesses about what the Queen will be wearing at the next formal Palace event.

Illegal betting was always a feature of English society. Any individual who wanted to place a bet knew a corner bookie where they could go to wager a few quid. Street betting was an accepted part of life as the bookies’ runners ferried bets between bookmakers and punters and collected bets and paid out winnings on street corners and in the urinals of pubs and clubs.

The government legalized bookie shops in 1961. Today betting shops are an established part of the British landscape with a shop on almost every town’s High Street. When the Gaming Act passed in 1968 the law further liberalized opportunities for gambling in the UK, especially for those who wanted to play games in an atmosphere of refinement and sophistication. Casino entertainment has been legal in the UK for over 100 years but the liberalization of the various gaming codes have led to the expansion of English casinos.

Today there are over a dozen casinos in London. Some of the top London casinos include:

Hippodrome Casino

Say “casino” in London and chances are that one of the first things that your listener will think is “The Hippodrome.” The Hippodrome is located on the corner of Charing Cross Road and Cranbourn Street in Westminster. The name was used for many different music halls and theatres of which the London Hippodrome is one of only a few survivors.

The Hippodrome opened in 1900, leading one to imagine the royalty, members of Society and high-born landed gentry that has visited this site. All in all, there are 3 casinos, a poker deck, a steakhouse, six bars, lounges, smoking terraces and more.

The main gambling floor is dazzling and features all of the traditional casino games including roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack. The pace is very fast so it’s recommended that, if you aren’t familiar with the casino, you come early for a chance to chat with the staff so that you can decide how to proceed when the venue becomes more crowded.  There is a minimum table limit so players can only play at the table games if they’re prepared to meet the minimum wagering limit. Downstairs there are dancing cages and different varieties of games including dice games.

One floor up from the main gambling floor there’s a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Visitors can sit in these eateries and look down on the gaming floor or watch the stage shows.

The highlight of the casino is Lola’s Underground Casino which is located in the basement of the Hippodrome. Lola McGuire was a chorus girl at the Hippodrome from the time that it opened in 1900 until WWI. She was a favorite of the older and wealthier gentlemen who would visit the casino. It was later discovered that Lola had started to run under-stage after parties at The Hippodrome. She organized gambling, lent money and operated the cellar bar.

Lola disappeared in 1914 but her underground emporium continues to offer entertainment, drinks and gambling action.

Grosvenor G. Piccadilly Casino

The Grosvenor G. Piccadilly Casino is located near Soho in the West End, near Leicester Square. The casino is one of the friendliest gambling venues in London with chatty dealers, smiling waiters and helpful people in the information centers.

The casino offers a large selection of table games plus dozens of slot machines. There’s also a Touchbet Roulette table and times that you can play when the roulette table minimum is only £1.

The casino features a contemporary late night bar where you can watch major games live on the large TV screens. Free WiFi is also available in the lounges. Even though the atmosphere is casual and relaxing there is a dress code to give the casino a smart, elegant atmosphere.

Sportsman Casino

You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to play at the Sportsman Casino but you might want to check out the different gaming options as you set off on your casino adventure. The casino has a reputation for combining an intimate atmosphere with a professional gaming approach in a comfortable and convenient casino environment.

There are traditional table games and a room full of slot machines. The casino is known for its slots parties with party options that include the Seven Stars and Diamond party that’s held on the last Wednesday of every month and the Platinum and Gold party that takes place on the first Monday of every month.

At the Seven Stars and Diamond Party, you’ll be served a complimentary drink and a 2-course meal and will receive a £100 match play voucher plus an entry ticket to the £1000 prize draw. At the invitation-only Platinum and Gold party you’ll enjoy a complimentary drink and bar snack and will receive a £50 match play voucher.

At the casino’s Zaman restaurant there are Mediterranean and Asian inspired menus plus plenty of drinks.

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