4 Critical Car Tyre Maintenance Tips

Keeping your car tyres in good condition is an important aspect of car maintenance. As per the experts, it is both illegal as well as dangerous to drive with worn or damaged tyres. There are a many things one must consider regarding tyre maintenance. This piece of content takes a look at 4 critical car tyre maintenance tips so let’s discuss it further;

Critical Car Tyre

Tyre rotation

Tyres are usually moved from one position to another ensuring even wear and tear. For the obvious reasons, the front tyres bear comparatively more load than the rear wheels. In fact, it’s twice the rate of the rear tyres so rotating car tyres can extend their life. Though manufacturers differ a bit in their recommendations but most of them advice that the falken tyre should be rotated every 8,000 to 10,000 kms.

The most common types of tyre rotation are;

  • Cross rotation
  • 4 Wheel drive
  • Straight rotation
  • 5 tyre rotation

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is of a great significance for two major reasons. If your car tyres are properly inflated tyres, your vehicles is less likely to get damaged and it also reduces the possibility that the car will spin out of control. Moreover, it’s recommended to not have it under-inflated because driving with low pressure tyres also increases fuel consumption. One must check the falken tyre pressure at least once in a month, and also always before setting out on any long drive.

While checking the pressure, make sure that the tyres aren’t hot, just simply 4 to 5 PSI to the recommended pressure when you refill. The user manual can be quite helpful to find the correct tyre pressure for your car, it’s a label on the door or inside the fuel flap.

Wheel Alignment

It is actually the process of aligning the wheels and axles as per the defined standards. The most enticing things about wheel alignment is that it ensures your car handles at its optimum level alongside protecting tyres against premature wear. For sure, it’s all about Wheel balancing that’s meant to balance the wheel as well as falken tire. Keeping up with the optimum protection of bearings and suspension, it prevents premature tyre wear. The wheels that are not balanced usually cause the noticeable vibration at high speed.

Repair and Replacement

In case you are ambiguous about the roadworthiness of your car tyres, it’s essential to take them to a specialist to check. They can examine the internal condition of the tyre as well as the outside. If need be, all proper procedures for disassembling, repairing and re-assembling, to ensure that the tyre is re-fitted optimally.

In a nutshell, there comes a time when tyres need to be replaced. It mainly depends upon the kilometers driven, driving style, climate & storage. It is highly essential to examine your car tyres on a regular basis so that you can head on replacing them when required especially when your car tyres reach the minimum tread depth.


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