7 Cs of Communication

As per the 7 Cs, correspondence should be:

  1. Clear.
  2. Brief.
  3. Concrete.
  4. Amend.
  5. Intelligible.
  6. Finish.
  7. Polite.

In this article, we take a gander at each of the 7 Cs of Communication, and we’ll outline every component with both great and terrible cases.


  1. Clear

Whenever composing or addressing somebody, be clear about your objective or message. What is your motivation in speaking with this individual? In case you’re not certain, then your group of onlookers won’t make sure either.


  1. Succinct

When you’re succinct in your correspondence, you adhere to the point and keep it brief. Your group of onlookers wouldn’t like to peruse six sentences when you could impart your message in three.

  • Are there any modifiers or “filler words” that you can erase? You can frequently wipe out words like “for example,” “you see,” “certainly,” “sort of,” “truly,” “fundamentally,” or “I mean.”
  • Are there any superfluous sentences?
  • Have you rehashed the point a few times, in various ways?


  1. Concrete

At the point when your message is solid, then your crowd has a reasonable picture of what you’re letting them know. There are subtle elements (however not very numerous!) and clear actualities, and there’s laser-like core interest. Your message is strong.


  1. Redress

At the point when your correspondence is right, it fits your gathering of people. What’s more, right correspondence is additionally mistaken free correspondence.


  1. Intelligent

At the point when your correspondence is intelligent, it’s consistent. All focuses are associated and pertinent to the primary subject, and the tone and stream of the content are predictable.


  1. Finish

In a total message, the group of onlookers has all that they should be educated and, if material, make a move.


  1. Gracious

Gracious correspondence is inviting, open, and legitimate. There are no concealed affront or uninvolved forceful tones.

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