Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Will Bring The Word Of God To The Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference

The excitement is mounting quickly because the Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference is only a week away. This is the largest online 24-hour prayer event in history. The Rhapsody online prayer is scheduled for November 3rd and 4th at 6:00 p.m. GMT+1. A communal reading of the Rhapsody of Realities will be featured at the prayer gathering. This is a sacred book, has changed lives, and brings us closer to Jesus Christ. Rhapsody of Realities has transformed lives all over the world.

Chris Oyakhilome

Rhapsody of Realities can bring so many graces and blessings simply by engaging with the book. The book has numerous testimonies from first time readers who engaged with Rhapsody of Realities, and forever changed their lives. One testimony was from a woman from Canada who said the affirmations and daily devotionals blessed the lives of her entire family, because they could experience the divine favor of God. Another woman from Nigeria described the financial blessings she experienced in her life through confessions regarding the word of God, and she was healed from fibroids. There are so many examples and they all show the truth of medical miracles that become common due to the spiritual importance of exposure to Rhapsody of Realities.

As an internationally renowned book, Rhapsody of Realities has touch the lives of individuals all over the globe. Therefore, the prayer conference will be incredibly meaningful. The event is not in a specific region or country so everyone who loves the word of God can continue, or begin their own journey with the Church Embassy. Communities have access simply by getting online. The event is scheduled for 24 hours so every time zone can conveniently tune in and experience the word of God.

For anyone new to this event, there are excellent tips on how to use the Rhapsody of Realities. This will not only help in the upcoming event, but help with future studies. It is important to set aside a specific period each day to study. The beginning of the day is best because it helps set the tone for the rest of the day. Take the time to devote to the studies instead of trying to study on the run. This will make the most of the time you devote to the Rhapsody of Realities.

Praying should be done out loud, the words spoken clearly, and never mumbled or silent. When a person immerses themselves in the message, speaks loudly and with pride, the words will penetrate much more efficiently. Rhapsody of Realities requires a plan. Many individual’s will encounter the book at this conference for the first time. Making a long-term plan for a year or two, and sticking with the plan consistently, will allow information to sink in. When individual’s place their faith in the Rhapsody of Realities, they will be brought closer to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes anything can be accomplished with the Holy Spirit. When an individual recognizes this, He will tell them what must be done. Once the person is working with the Holy Spirit, they can learn more inside of a minute than by studying for ten years. The Rhapsody of Realities October edition is available for free. Please take a moment to visit

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome feels the prayer gathering represents a privilege and a blessing because it enables a fellowship with the universes creator. This gathering will remove every limitation. The Pastor lives in the transcendent life, and is at liberty to be in God’s service. As an heir of God, the Pastor enjoys his inheritance, and joining with Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

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