Common Mistakes You May Make While Applying for Personal Loans

A personal loan could come as a great relief when you are in need of some additional funds.

Personal loans could be used cleverly to consolidate debts or cover any urgent expenses. This is primarily the reason why choosing the right kind of personal loan will be paying off. If you fail to make the right choice you would end up hurting your finances for many years.

Here are some of the frequently made personal loan mistakes that you must necessarily avoid while applying for Personal Loans for yourself.

Putting in Personal Loan Application Only at Your Bank or Local Banks

Both online banks and credit unions would be offering lower rates and even better terms as they invest less on human labor, overhead, and marketing.  Some of their processes are fully-automated leading to money savings. Hence, they would be offering personal loans with lower interest rates.

Not Being Aware of Precise Eligibility Terms

It is a loan officer’s responsibility to examine an applicant’s credit thoroughly during the approval stage. You must apply for a loan after proper perusal of the eligibility terms. Suppose you apply for a loan that necessitates excellent credit score but you have just about a fair or average credit score, obviously, you would not be entitled to get that loan. Your credit score would be adversely impacted. You must avoid applying for too many loans and eventually spoil all your chances of getting a loan that you rightly deserve.

Agreeing Hastily to the Very First Offer

You should not make the mistake of accepting the first loan offer. Remember that loan officers exercise a certain degree of flexibility and you could negotiate terms and convince them to offer slightly better terms and rates. It is crucial for you to try and get the best deals so that you could pay off the loan on time promptly.

Borrowing an Amount You Are Not in a Position to Pay Back

You must not borrow more than the amount that is actually required. If you do so, you are going to fall into trouble. The interest on your additional amount would be building up thus payments would be greatly inflated. This could be a vicious cycle that could bog you down forever.

Not Paying Attention to the Fine Print

Do not rush through the contract. Make it a habit of reading the fine print carefully. You must necessarily know the relevant loan terms for avoiding any late payment penalty. Here are some of the loan contract or agreement details you must know thoroughly.

  • Accurate amount of interest
  • Length of loan
  • Maximum debt
  • Penalties involved in the case of late payments
  • Penalties imposed for skipping payments

Disregarding your Credit Score

Your credit score is a big deal when it comes to securing a personal loan, and is one of the first things any lender considers. The rate for your loan is also decided on the basis of your credit history. A better credit score implies you are a reliable borrower who will be able to pay back on time and will never default. This imparts some confidence to the lender who will then be willing to reduce the interest rate.


Getting a good personal loan involves a great deal of research. A number of loans seem attractive on the surface but have potentially disastrous clauses hidden in the fine print, ranging from extra terms to big hidden fees which would come back to bite you later on. You must go through this fine print yourself, no matter how large, or find a qualified financial advisor to read it through. By following these habits of responsible borrowing, you will be able to secure a great personal loan without much hassle.

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