The Conversation About Comfort women is Essential

Most people don’t actively think about South Korean Comfort women Comfort women stories because it is a topic that appears on the radar very rarely. However, both countries are working towards a decision on the matter. Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se talked about the agreement reached between both countries to create a possibility for comfort women to ask for help and receive assistance readjusting into society. Both governments want to contribute a sum of money to make sure there are enough resources for the program and Comfort women testimonies are heard across the globe. Families will also receive financial assistance no matter if the woman is reunited with her family or has passed away.


It is one of those issues in society that are not easy to talk about. Therefore both countries want to make sure there is enough information available to educate people on such matters. Raising the problem in the first place is essential. People often choose not to talk about issues within the society that are uncomfortable to deal with in the first place. On many occasions, they don’t know what to think or how to approach a subject. It is essential that the conversation exists in society because that is the only way something is going to change. Forgetting uncomfortable truths is easy. When people stop talking about issues they don’t go away but continue existing beneath the surface.


Korean Comfort women and their Japanese counterparts are now existing symbols, and many people believe that they should be symbols of peace. They serve as a peaceful but painful reminder that not all aspects of society are positive. They want to make sure that people understand the pain and sorrow many women have been through and the only way to do something positive about it is to organize new statue displays and conversation between people in society.


This is one of those issues within a society when government officials and citizen should be careful and tread lightly. South Korean comfort women are just some that need to be recognized by the government and their life stories told. It is essential to have something like this remind people how important issues like this are. However, it has not been an easy journey since there has been resistance to the decision made jointly by Japanese and South Korean governments, but it is a good start.


Many important parts of history are not the most pleasant to remember and therefore some of the most important to talk about for the future generations to remember. This is also an issue that is still a reality to this day. It is essential for a fight against it to be on a governmental level because the whole thinking has to change. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding women as well as modern slavery. There will always be people who suggest that it does not exist, but it is essential to pull these issues back to the surface since otherwise, they will still be a part of the world.


It is also essential that governments reach an agreement on the steps they want to take to help women in both countries and their families. It is not an easy task to return to healthy life after something like that happens. On many occasions, it is the family that has to pick up the pieces, and without government help, it is even harder if not impossible. Therefore, it is vital that people in official positions recognize the need for an agreement about it. Women and their families need the support and encourage the conversation.

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