Disarticulated America (Commentary, and Personal Thoughts)


The Government of the United States under Obamaism, and going before with Hillary Clinton, to which unquestionably will remain so in the event that she is to run the nation sooner rather than later, will bubble us alive, little by little, without us notwithstanding seeing it. Like a frog in a pot, turning up the warmth little by little, unconscious of it, and after that never to know about it, once dead. This attention to what is happening at the White House is short on giving straight responses to just inquiries. This I accept can be seen by the debilitating of our nation, as to fortify our requirement for globalism. That being the primary reason both Obama and Hillary have attempted to undermine England out of their craving to be a sovereign country, yet associated in a lesser shape, as with NATO, and so on. This is a similar strain of Obama’s reasoning. The following stride is to have us join the World Court, and be liable to their purview. This is their maniacal and self-destructive mounting detestations for all America, so I accept as a country. A frenzy of immolation or self-demolition, similar to Rome did it from back to front. Before long we will be 21-trillion under water, another disjointing bone for America; much like bringing and draining down firearm control to have a jubilee of grisly occasions, in safe zones, while across the nation Islamic Terrorism is unleased, uncrushed by permitting open outskirts. Thus, turning into a dismantled give up for Islamic triumph. I see as a rule the Muslim people group need a piece of America, just not to be a piece of America. Right or wrong, rights without duties offer to ascend to a savage blunder, as an American Citizen it is everybody’s obligation to maintain the Golden Rule: to do on to others as you’d have them to do on to you. So basic most people have overlooked the motto. On the off chance that it was dependent upon me, we’d have some center ground here, not two agents for president so not at all like their own gatherings. Be that as it may, here we have it, so one must take a gander at what is in question, not what one can receive in return. In Peru, lamentably, for a buck, you can purchase a vote, it is very little extraordinary in America these days.

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