Gautama Buddha – A charismatic spiritual leader

Gautama Buddha :  A legendary example of self-denial

Gautama Buddha is a legendary example of self-denial. Buddha was born into the aristocratic family, but he preferred to live as a wanderer and seek nirvana.

King Suddhodana, the father of Siddhartha Gautama, tried to trap him in the palatial palace, which was covered with intricate earthly pleasures. Exquisite Jewelery, Green Clothes, Coastal Kitchens, Royal Servants were available to Siddhartha, but the young prince was the least interested in illusions. Siddhartha was appalled by the harsh realities of life, such as the consequences of alternates, the vulnerability of body to disease and the devastation, and what already dying truth of life to experience – death. The young prince, however, was struck to notice divine glow on the face of an ascetic who had renounced public life. Subsequently, Gautama discarded comfort and greatness to attain salvation; He took the path of repentance and meditation in his quest for eternal peace.

After enlightenment, Gautama emphasized in one of his sermons: “This materialistic world is akin to a prison, most of us are trapped in the vicious circle of joy, happiness, lust, grief and sorrow.” Buddha continues: Desire and attachment weaken human capacities; People pursue joy and prosperity, he is subscribed to trying to get rid of grief.

People from all walks of life approached Buddha and asked for his patronage. The enlightened Gautama was in the ocean of compassion; He was a preacher of nonviolence, peace and stressed that luxury is currently. The aura of the divine Obvious Buddha War, that is, the personality of Angulimala, a cold-blooded serial killer, successfully transformed. Buddha emphasized spiritual progress and challenged his followers to recognize the meaning of life.

Lord Goutama Buddha “Light of Asia”

Lord Gautama Buddha is appropriately called the “Light of Asia“. For a long time, nearly forty-five years, the Buddha in the plains of the Ganges reissue and spread spiritualism. He suggested to humans the path of nirvana, which is still relevant in the 21st century. Nirvana means letting go of the fire of desire, hatred, revenge and ignorance, which enables the human soul to free itself from the endless cycle of rebirth and suffering. Buddha always taught his disciplines to follow the principle of non-violence and to sanctify the mind of evil thoughts.

The mortal body of Siddhartha Gautama does not exist today, but the living teaching left by this spiritual guru in the form of a colossal legacy continues to enlighten us. He is rightly considered and worshiped as the savior of humanity. Buddha dente the whole humanity without a hint of selfishness and offered panacea for the treatment of life-forms.