Get Me to the Airport on Time

I was headed toward the air terminal on another outing. I began early, touched base at the air terminal on time, yet when I arrived the plane had dropped and I needed to apply for another plane. The following plane set out toward my goal was around two hours away. This would, indeed, make me miss my corresponding flight.

I assume I should be thankful that I could look an up some other time flight. It gave me some an opportunity to sit in the air terminal with nothing to do except for think. Discuss an exhausting evening!

Something I considered was never flying again. In any case, need is the mother of burden or something to that effect.

While I was thinking in the airplane terminal, I thought about a shrewd old man who, waxing philosophical, once said, “Time sits tight for no man.” I know he was astute on the grounds that he did exclude ladies as he would see it. In spite of the fact that time will sit tight for no man, it has an alternate way to deal with ladies.

Normally, a man respects the progression of time. Gladly he shows those wrinkles and calluses as signs of masculinity. As of not long ago, silver hair was a crown of power. Indeed, even Solomon, the most astute man said, “The ancient [gray] head is a crown of wonderfulness, on the off chance that it be found in the method for exemplary nature” (Proverbs 16:31 KJV).

The grayer the head, the more astute the man. In spite of the fact that, I should admit I have seen my share of knowledge tested dim headed men.

A lady, notwithstanding, has a by and large unique logic with regards to time. As a man with silver hair, I don’t completely comprehend their theory.

I assume there are a few men who might want to be 25 once more. Most men, be that as it may, are glad to be as old as they seem to be. Ladies are distinctive. They live upon the idea of imperishable magnificence. Who am I, as a man, to counter that rationality?

I found this numerous years back. A lady calmly asked me how old I thought she was. I have since a long time ago found this is no easygoing inquiry and she is not searching for correct data. I, at the time, took it as a test and attempted to figure her age.

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