Aircraft business is not just a small scale business because its investment and return on investment is very high. A guide must need for doing an aircraft business and it is not much easy to do business when compared with other business. There are many air charter companies working in the world because the profit in this field is very high. The airline business is a never-ending business because it works continuously even day and night without any break all over the world. The selection of which business is good to do is very difficult. The opportunity in the aircraft business is like a sea.

There are many departments like the cargo department, commercial flight charter, private jet charter, air ambulance etc. These are the list of business in the airline industry we can do. In the field of aircraft, the experience is important because you cannot do directly and quickly without the experience. For example, transportation of dangerous goods is coming under the cargo department, a newcomer cannot transport any type of dangerous goods like gas or oil because before transporting that you should have the safety features and special tray to hold it etc and the company will never risk their business with a newcomer. This is why am said that the experience is very important.

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Aircraft Trading

In simple words, aircraft trading is just like normal trading of vehicles. It includes buying and selling of all type of aircraft. The most profitable trading in aircraft trading is the trading of private jets or luxury jets. They are very expensive comparing with normal aircraft so the profit is also high. In aircraft trading, it includes trading of helicopters and air ambulance also. The scope of aircraft business is not like our imagination it is moreover that. Normally big businessmen or rich peoples are doing aircraft business. The price of the aircraft is based on the size, use, and category. The different category has a different price.

Aircraft Leasing

This is the better option for a new businessman before he doing aircraft business. You can easily lease or rent an aircraft with the help of an air charter. This is a trial before the act that means you just lease a flight or private jet before buying it this really helps to know that how this business is going and what are the major problems which we face etc. First, you have to understand the pulse of an aircraft industry and then find the drawbacks and good side then do it on your own. The opportunity is more and you can decide what to choose. The leasing facility provided by the aircraft companies is for all kind of aircraft like helicopters, air ambulance, private or luxury flights, air cargo etc. You can do which area you like more or you can do all these aircraft. The operations and price of the departments are very different. As I told earlier this is the best chance for newcomers in the aircraft business.


Private Jets

Doing business of private jet service is the very profit-oriented business because the private jets are the most expensive traveler in the commercial air transport. The luxury jets are a category in private jets. Some luxury jets have suit room and luxury bathroom. They are very expensive and also the profit is high. The opportunity in private jet business is high. You can choose which private jet you need because there are some types of private jets listed below,

Light Jets

Mid-size Jets

Long Jets

Heavy Jets

Luxury Jets

And the luxury helicopters are also included in the private jet category. Helicopters are classified into based on their size and capacity like the single engine, twin engine etc. The private helicopters are widely used for businessmen for shorter traveling, with the helicopter you can easily travel in the side of the city and many hospitals or buildings have the helipad. The helicopter is the best choice where the absence of runway.


Air Cargo

Air cargo is a part of the aircraft business and it also offers many opportunities. The cargo is a good choice in aircraft business because it provides many categories for transporting different goods like livestock transportation, dangerous goods transportation, Heavy and outsize goods transportation, Oil and gas transportation etc. Normal air charters never provide heavy and outsize cargo transportation and transportation of dangerous goods only big air charter companies will provide this kind of services.