Guides could get badges for “vlogging” and “upcycling” in great renovation in 50 years


Zoella is a teenage vlogger sensation CREDIT: CHRISTOPHER PLEDGER

Its members had once knitted socks for the troops of the First World War, sung socks and drew uniform military style hanging around.

But now the guides may be badges for “vlogging” and “upcycling”, while the company’s biggest movement projects modernization in 50 years.

Another new badge is the design of the application is considered Grown DIY itself and where the girls learn how to assemble a package of furniture.
The new program, to be launched in summer 2018, aims at more “relevant” guides to make the lives of girls and teenagers.

Vlogging has been popularised by teenage icon Zoella CREDIT: FALVEY/LNP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Angie Pitt, head of Girlguiding’s youth program, The Daily Telegraph said: “We are excited to have a program to revolutionize updated things in phase from time to time, but this is the first time for many people, as long as we review the entire program.

“This is to ensure that we can attract the maximum number of girls and young women and ensure that we are as relevant as possible.The goal is to raise awareness that we are changing.”

Traditional activities such as exploration, camping and hiking are very popular, Mrs Pitt says, but there is demand for hi-tech games as part of geocaching – where GPS technology is used to create treasure hunt trails outdoors.

“One of the things that girls seem genuinely interested in understanding how to be part of a social network, so you want to learn things like blogging and vlogging,” adds Mr Pitt.


The Girlguiding program will shine with a new set of badges for young and old, from Rainbows – for girls aged five to seven – Brownies, Guides and Senior Section.

During their weekly meetings, the girls in the activities and new skills needed to learn to write their badges work when a number of targets are completed.

The guides started their members at the end of last year on new badges and activities they wanted to consult and gathered over 15,000 responses.

Now they advise members of expanding community for take suggestions, they will be asked to transfer in social media, using #BadgeGoals hashtag.

The last time the program was revised in 1968, and since then individual badges were introduced or changes focused on one age group at a time. In 2000, new badges have been added such as circus art and party planning.

A movement spokeswoman said: “The girls’ leadership has always been a transforming alive girl to create innovative badges for girls from scratch since it was founded over a century, like Air Mechanic in the 1910s and electricity in the 1930s.

“The new content will ensure that the various interests of the girls are taken today’s remarks as part of the fun, adventure and learning, girls and young women lead.

This charity aims to refresh new members in all environments with an offer to win, so it can still earn more girls.

New badges and Girlguiding activities around six themes developed: skills for my future, have adventure, good, knowledge, express yourself and take action

The princess badge now and now

Now: Badge Girls Guide counts 2018 relaunch



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Then: The previous button was introduced by Guides

Water mechanic (1912)

Telegraph (1912)

Electrician (1912)

Architects (1920)

Electrical Engineer (1920)

President (1968)

Radio Communicator (1980)

Canoeiro (1995)