How to Detect and Avoid a Data Recovery Scam

How to Detect and Avoid a Data Recovery Scam

Going through data recovery forums these days, one of the most common discussions you come across is about data recovery scams. The worst thing that can happen to your business is first suffering a data loss and then getting conned when trying to recover the lost data.  That data recovery is an important service cannot be overemphasized.

Losing data can cripple your business financially and you might not be able to recover from the damage done. Worse still, you might be forced to deal with litigation and this makes things worse. It is this desperation that forces most consumers to pick the first offer that comes their way in the hope that their data will be recovered fast.

This turns out to be a scam where your hard drive or any other hardware is with the service provider yet nothing seems to be happening. How do you avoid a double jeopardy situation? With the advent of internet technology, it is easy to find services conveniently and at a bargain. However, the risk inherent necessitates a lot of caution.

How Reputable Data Recovery Works

To avoid falling for a scam, you have to understand how a reputable data recovery Philadelphia service works. These reputable data recovery experts have:

  • A solid reputation – A quick search online will give you information about the company. This is an information age and you can find anything you want with a simple search.
  • Credible references – The best data recovery service provides you with a list of references and you will find it is easy to confirm the quality of services they offer.
  • Free quote and written contract – The best data recovery service will provide a free quote and a written contract which includes all details of the project. Everything is done transparently.
  • Customer support – You will get reliable customer support 24/7 when working with a dependable data service. These services are important when the data recovery process is ongoing in case you need to monitor the progress of the project.

These are just some of the qualities you expect from your reliable data recovery service. These experts will work diligently to recover your data knowing that the best services will work to improve their reputation.

How do you detect a data recovery scam then? Some of the characteristics to look for include:

  1. Out of this world deals – You will get the most incredible offer, which in most cases is just too good to be true. For instance, you will find an offer for data recovery from any hard drive at only $99. It might seem like the perfect deal but you are not sure about the safety of your drive or any other device. Eventually, you might be requested to top up on the initial fees for various reasons.
  2. No contact information – If a company is not willing to provide their contacts or even physical address, it is likely you are dealing with a scam.
  3. No working agreement – Some data recovery companies will offer to recover your data and all you have to do is send the drive and the rest will be done. If there’s no working agreement, you are most likely working with a scam.

Other signs to look out for include poorly designed websites, poor customer service and lack of data management issues among others.

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