How to succeed in the world of advanced internet marketing with an SEO friendly WordPress website?

How to succeed in the world of advanced internet marketing with an SEO friendly WordPress website?

Many people confuse WordPress to be a simple blog sharing website without realizing that it is a content management system and powers up various sites with its technology. WordPress may not impress everyone with its simple appearance and open source interface but know this. If you are looking for the perfect platform to elevate your business to the pinnacle of success, WordPress has no other alternative. There are simple ways you can increase the efficiency of your WordPress website by making it easier for search engines to crawl your web page more easily. Also enhancing the SEO of the page may improve your chances of being discovered more efficiently in the long run.

Role of SEO in website ranking

There are some ways you can do this. SEO is search engine optimization which allows any site to be able to create its content in a manner that benefits from the algorithm of the search engines and puts them on top search. This way; new and potential customers always keep coming, and your business gets way more exposure. You must make sure that your content gets exposure. That is the purpose of marketing. Without proper exposure, all your valuable content loses its value. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to build SEO friendly URLs. The very reason is that this is an effortless and efficient way to enhance your SEO. When you do this right, you can be sure to get better organic search visibility and more customers as a result.

Ways to get a more SEO friendly URL for your WordPress

There are numerous ways that you can make your WordPress URLs more SEO optimized. A few of them are as follows:

The number one way is to go for a Permalink structure that is apparently more SEO friendly. You need to make sure that this happens if your wish is for Google to recognize your WordPress website. The sooner Google associates and connects with the content of your site, the better your results will be., For this, you need to make sure that your Keywords and content are to the point and relevant to your website’s overall theme and topic.

Customize the structure of your website:

A customized URL structure for your WordPress website consists of some specific tags that you choose according to your requirement. This helps a lot if your site is a large one and there are multiple categories. This is a crucial thing you can do for your readers and add types to your URLs. This way even Google gets more information about what your content is, but it is you who decides how much minutely you want to go into it.

Rewriting your URL to make them more SEO friendly

Always keep your URLs focused and relevant to your website content, remove all irrelevant ones. Develop your URL around your focused keywords. Of course, certain keywords won’t be of any value to your readers. So you should try to avoid those. Providing value to your readers adds strength to your URL and strengthens your SEO game. The best way to build a URL is to keep it short and precise. Also, you should ensure to keep your URL constant on all your web pages. Make sure that your WordPress website is being encrypted with a proper SSL certificate as well. And don’t forget to make the full use of plugins to make your URLs more SEO efficient.

Certain caution

When you transition from one Permalink structure to another, you lose the existing site, and along with that, you will lose all the media sharing contents as well. So if there is a possibility, that you probably have thousands of share counts on your content, then you might want to avoid that because changing your URL might change your share count to zero. And that might affect the ranking of your search engine. Of course, if your site is under development and requires renovation, you should change your URL anyway. Sure; you will lose all the previous share content but there is a chance that you’re new and improved URL will overcome the damage and also overtake the previous URLs performance.

Troubleshooting and spam

Of course, along with new technologies and advancement come to a lot of new problems as well. Along with the new type of development on WordPress and new SEO techniques being discovered every day, there has been certain development to counter it as well. Such as the new SEO spam that if installed, creates subdirectories in the WordPress websites. The purpose behind this is to manipulate the server resources, and storage capacity and a lot of spammy sites are then put into the WordPress subdirectory. This is a sabotage that is entirely new, and a lot of companies are trying to prevent it. There are ways you can get professional help from companies to avoid this and also, find out about the attacker using Google search console. If you get a lot of irrelevant topics in your search results, then it’s time to realize that you might have become a victim of an SEO hack. But you have nothing to be afraid. Companies like Kotton are there to provide you with all the SEO guidance that you need and also complete protection as well. This is another reason for you to opt for a professional service in this matter if you weren’t already convinced.


Getting your WordPress website SEO enhanced and optimized it to get the benefits of your WordPress is the first and best step you can take if you wish to improve your online search engine visibility. You must ensure that you choose the right company for this purpose. For this, you can go through online search and decide. Of course, the best way to know this is by seeing their position in the search results itself. An SEO company that doesn’t have the first ranking in the search results is not a good SEO company since they can’t even optimize their website correctly. So think wisely and choose wisely and let your online popularity grow and let you bring more revenue.


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