Ice drug craze leads to more security investment across the suburbs

Worldwide, drug use seems to be on the increase despite the best efforts of law enforcement agencies. The remote city of Perth in Western Australia was recently rated as Australia’s ice capital in 2016 after analysis of the wastewater across each of the major cities found Perth’s Ice drug usage was highest. This changed in 2017 to the city of Adelaide. Perth’s crime rate per capita was running at almost double that of Sydney and Melbourne with almost 1 in 20 homes broken into over the past 12 months, as opposed to the average of 1 in 40 homes per annum.

This has led to a boom in the Perth security market for alarms systems, CCTV systems, security screen doors and external window security roller shutters.

Roller shutters have proven popular not only for the fact that they make entering a property through an open window near on impossible, without a lot of effort, but that they offer several other benefits to the homeowner.

Most crime is opportunistic and can come about simply be seeing valuables through a window. Roller shutters being down when the homeowner is out to stop any valuable items like laptops, tablets, cash, car keys from being seen. This reduces a thief’s motivation and they move on. The way roller shutters lock firmly together when down making it difficult to force open a shutter system even if a thief were more motivated.

Then there are other benefits to homeowners such as reduced noise from busy roads, the blocking of hot summer rays from heating the house, and light control which is especially helpful for shift workers or young families getting little ones off to sleep.

Classic Shutters owner operator Dieter Bernsmann says roller shutters on their own can dramatically reduce your risk of being broken into and burgled but a monitored alarm system is also a critical part to raise the alarm and ensure criminals have less time available should they get into your home.

Together these two security features will mean you are unlikely to ever be burgled by opportunistic thieves and can sleep comfortably at night knowing you have done as much as you can to secure your home and have done it in an attractive way that adds value to your property.

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