Indian students do not want to leave Canada – why?

In 2017, an unprecedented number of Indian students decided to go to Canada to pursue higher education. This has not only increased the demand for Canadian universities in this school year but also strengthened the immigration relations between India and Canada. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), half a million overseas students study and live in this maple country over the next 10 years, not only from India but also from other countries of the world.

To his great astonishment, many of the students who moved to Canada to study in Canada and return home after studying changed their minds, applying for new visas, and expressing interest in Canada. , CBIE noted that from 2008 to 2016, the number of students returning to Canada after the course has doubled. In 2008, around 128,000 students moved to Canada with a study permit. By the end of 2016, the number had increased dramatically to more than 400,000; which indeed means Canada’s growing preference among students.


There is no doubt that reasons such as the dynamic lifestyle of the city, the humility of the people, the multicultural diversity of the country, are the ideal place to stay at home in the same way. But when they were examined, the students said that staying in Canada was the main reason why they wanted to stay in Canada; Highlighting the following aspects of Canada PR that has attracted her most.

1. Improving the immigration process – The country has a direct immigration process, most students said.

With recent changes to Canada’s express access system, economic immigration has become easier for applicants, especially for students with an international education. The system not only focuses on the need for work but also focuses on the quality of the applicant’s education, language skills, and work experience. In addition, the recent announcement by applicants who have received 15-30 additional points for post-secondary education in Canada, which ultimately facilitates the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit, has become a blessing.

2. Postgraduate Work Program: After quality education, students engage in world-renowned work experience

Working in Canada is easy with international education. Thanks to the postgraduate work program that makes it easier, many students have said. Of course, this program is nothing but the key to permanent student residence in Canada. A graduate in Canada can apply immediately for a work permit and work for any employer. Since even employers are not required to obtain an LMIA to hire this candidate, they will prove to be the easiest way to achieve their goals. In addition, with this program, you can take higher courses while working for Canadian employers.

In short, work experience at an extra level will bet on the chances of permanent residence in Canada.

3. Canadian Experience Class – A key to faster permanent residence after gaining work experience in Canada

For Canadian students with Canadian working experience, Canada Express Entry has an exclusive program, the Canadian Express class. Through this program, each student receives with min. One year of work experience in Canada (part-time or full-time) over the last three years can qualify for Canadian PR and get permanent residency as soon as possible. Moreover, if this candidate has Canadian education to introduce himself, he immediately increases his points and gives him a faster PR.

Taking into account this exclusive CEC program, which involves faster public relations work, many Indian students have decided to stay in Canada, gain work experience, and invite their families to stay successful in public relations.

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