How to Integrate Instagram into Your Website Design to Boost Its Performance

Online business owners are aware that it is very important for the website design to appeal to users so that they are encouraged to go beyond the home page Instagram and interact with the contents. According to a report, users tend to form instantaneous opinions about whether they like a website or not by looking at the website design elements. How your website looks also influences three-quarters of the visitors about what to expect from your brand. Overall, 59% of users have expressed their preference to interact with a website with good design features over simplicity.


Even as it is amply clear that website design is vital, it is also very difficult to keep pace with the rapidly changing design environment. This makes it essential to think about other strategies that will enable you to get your website design right. Integrating Instagram into your web design may well be a game changer for you.

Why Turn To Instagram to Seek Inspiration for Web Design

Since your competitors have already raised the stakes of website design by adopting impressive web design techniques and technologies, you will need to rethink your strategy to avoid pitchforking yourself into a head-on fight. The reason why Instagram presents a very lucrative opportunity for forging ahead in the marketing game is not too hard to discern. In just seven years since its launch, the photo-sharing social media platform has grown exponentially to reach 700 million monthly active users; that’s a population of real Instagram followers that no brand can afford to ignore.

In a befitting testimony to its marketing potential, around half of all American brands are already present on the platform with experts estimating that this figure will cross 70% very soon. However, even if your Instagram marketing campaign is brilliant, users will be put off with a poor website design and you will not be able to get the conversions you want.

Methods to Harness the Power of Instagram into Your Website Design

There are quite a few techniques of leveraging the power of Instagram to benefit your website. You can embed an Instagram feed just below the fold of the homepage so that your website visitors will be encouraged to visit your Instagram account that showcases your products and build user engagement. Avoid borrowing graphics from your Instagram account and instead just add the Instagram badge in the web design. This can be used by your website visitors to jump to your Instagram account to discover more about you. You can also include a link in your Instagram bio to a specially-designed landing page to boost sales. Another good method is to feature your own Instagram posts on the website homepage so that your products are showcased better and user engagement is boosted.


The possibilities of leveraging Instagram to increase website traffic and conversions are virtually endless. However, you will be able to maximize the impact on your sales and profitability only if you increase the number of followers and boost the level of engagement.

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