International Pastors and Partners’ Conference IPPC 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known in his native Nigeria and around the world for his incredible mission to reach people for Jesus Christ. He was born in 1961 as the eldest son. He felt the call of God lead him to start his Bible-based ministry, and he has been preaching, teaching and healing people from many countries ever since. He started the Rhapsody of realities online devotional, and millions of people have downloaded the available app. Pastor Chris is holding an International Pastors and Partners’ Conference November 13th – 19th of 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria at his beautiful LoveWorld Convocation Arena. Other participants will be joining in the conference from many other locations around the globe.


Many people will attest that Chris Oyakhilome has a powerful anointing from God. He believes firmly that Jesus meant for all of his followers to use the Holy Spirits’ power to see wonderful miracles. This passionate man of God offers a Healing school to teach people how to access this power in their own lives. This pastor takes the work of God literally, and his conferences and ministries are filled with people that believe in this pastors message about the healing power of the Lord.


Pastor Chris has several television shows that are based in Nigeria, and seen by believers in Nigeria, Africa, Asia, the U.S. and many more countries. LoveWorld and other TV programs tend to feature real life miracles in this pastor’s large gatherings that can draw 2 million people. His message is uplifting, and he encourages his flock to accept all of God’s promises and gifts. The charismatic pastor has an enthusiastic audience ready to support him worldwide. The upcoming November conference is designed for other pastors, church leaders and those individuals that have made a difference doing God’s work under the ministry arms of his beloved BLW Nation.


This conference is expected to include many movers and shakers of the faith. Chris Oyakhilome aims to inspire and otherwise uplift and encourage these worldwide Christian leaders for the upcoming ministry year. He includes intense prayer at his gatherings, and this one will be no exception. The Healing School has many supporters, and many students want to learn from this great pastor’s example. He is a compelling speaker, able to bring rich Bible lessons and promises to life. It is no wonder why so many are excited when this pastor comes to their areas.


This long-reaching ministry includes a urban youth program that is geared towards assisting those youth living in the inner cities. His positive message is getting scores of people in on the action. The ministry has roots all across the globe, in cities and small towns. Rhapsody of realities daily devotionals use real life challenges in the stories. The pastor is encouraged to see so many turn to Christ. Individuals can order videos to watch on this pastor’s phenomenal teachings. They are on the ministry website, and many can’t wait for the next lesson when they finish watching an episode.


This hardworking pastor travels the world, giving conferences and holding well received events that promote Christianity and the Holy Spirit’s unique work. The pastor hopes that many will pray for these events, and he has more dreams to launch in the future. This prayer, healing and teaching ministry outstretches to include every people group in the world today. This dedicated pastor is loved by his congregation and ministry supporters everywhere he goes. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.