The look that says everything! Time, Juncker frowned on Farage’s brows while distorting the Brexit sludge

NIGEL FARAGE has picked up the European Parliament’s piano for Juncker and is a fierce thrill of the President of the European Commission.

Former Ukip head turned tables at Brussels during a Brexit debate in the European Parliament on Wednesday as he hammered Mr. Juncker to lose information about a private dinner with Theresa May to the German media.

Mr. Farage said, “Imagine that you invited a very important guest for dinner and that you made all the preparations and there were very important private conversations that had to be done and you think everything is going well.

Nigel Farage
Juncker looked less happy than Nigel Farage

“Yet, within a few hours, your guest had told the outside world that you the guest was disappointed.

“That you were in another galaxy and all the content of the conversation were bombed by an opposition newspaper. ”

Continuing, M. Farage laughed a little, laughing at M. Juncker, saying that the English language was becoming obsolete on the Continent.

He said, “And to add the insult to the insult you say the food was really very good, and then a few days later, in a display of extreme petulance also degrades the host’s national language.

“About looking at a big stupid because of the show last Saturday, known as the Eurovision Song Contest, saw 90 percent of the songs sung in English.

Nigel Farage
Jean-Claude Juncker appeared less than thrilled with Nigel Farage

“Now if you were the guest and you were treated like someone you thought was important and someone you trusted, I think you will wonder if you are dealing with a reasonable person.”

And since the Brexiteer Mr. Juncker that he accused of being “gross rude”, was rewarded with a severe sanction from the head of the EU.

Mr. Farage went on: “Now, I do not know, Mr. Juncker, if you continue to work in Luxembourg, I doubt, because in every other part of the civilized world frankly, the behavior would be anathema and the act of a tyrant.

“Well, I’ll tell you something you’re trying to deceive the British through this negotiation does not work. 68 percent of Britons want Brexit to arrive.

“And all this on a ridiculous ransom that Mr. Barnier wants me to say is now doubled to 100 billion euros.

“Reasonable O requests that we receive from the European Union or the UK will be forced to walk before the end of this year. ”

In addition to criticizing the insistence of the UK lock pays an astronomical bill, the European deputy said Brussels could be successful in putting Greek knees but said he would never have seen the Britannia bend the knee.

He said, “We can spend two years with this flaw, there is a big, big world out there and I begin to think that maybe Mr. Varanfos is right when he says to negotiate with the” EU is a technocracy that is clinging desperately to their exorbitant and illegitimate power.

“You may have demolished Greek democracy two years ago, we are not. ” Read More