Justin Bieber in India: Harry Potter and the actress Prince of mixed blood Elarica Johnson will welcome

Mumbai : Model Elarica Johnson British actress, best known for his role in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will host the highly anticipated Justin Bieber India Purpose Tour next month.

Justin Bieber tower india actress born in London 27 years will arrive May 4 and explore the city until May 15. During his visit, he will meet with influential directors and film personalities Indian film industry.

Johnson said in a statement: “India has become a place I always wanted to visit watching Bollywood movies as a man and now actress from Mumbai – the industrial heart of Bollywood is a dream come true.”

“I always felt inspired by the freedom of color, music and dance. So to be able to explore the culture of India and had the opportunity to see the beauty of the architecture and history of the country it was really a great experience.

E ” clear ‘look forward to eating a lot.

“Indian cuisine is on the line as my favorite food. But above all, I have this experience and I see one of my favorite artists, Justin Bieber, he’s alive, I’m sure it’ll mark this as a trip of a lifetime,” Johnson said he had to mark with actress Nicole Kidman in “How to talk to girls.”

Arjun Jain of India White Fox, proposed a universal goal tournament 23 years old Canadian singer stage DY Patil of India, Mumbai, 10 May.

Besides India, the Asian leg tour including Tel Aviv in Israel and Dubai.

Bieber apparently supported Aim fourth studio album, which debuted at No. 1 in more than 100 countries and has sold more than eight million copies worldwide. Fans can expect a certain set list for the concert successful around the world, including “Where are you now”, “Boyfriend”, “love” and “As long as you love me.”

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