Maddie THE CAVES: Is this really the place to find Madeleine McCann?

These are just a few miles from the resort where Maddie has gone, but this sleepy fishing village could actually be the key to her disappearance?

Madeleine McCan
MYSTERY: The true fate of Madeleine McCann has not yet been discovered

Madeleine McCann disappeared from the Portuguese Praia da Luz station while her parents were close on the evening of May 3, 2007.

A vermister son researcher, Paulo Pereira Cristovao, recently revealed that he had hidden bulge in miles, Burgau.

When you come to the east, I will take you to the bustling city of Portimao, he said, it would make sense to go west.


RUGGED: The terrain around Burgau is steep and treacherous

Over there, he said, near Burgau, underwater caves to hide his son, he was thrown into the sea.

Daily Star Online visited the village to investigate the theory and residents are confused with the theory.

A resident of the old saying that the only caves, which he knows he is above sea level and nightmares.

He told the Daily Star Online: “I know a cave used to play when I was a kid, but it’s not easy to get there.”

There we find the path that is affected by hilly hills and steep cliffs. Difficult terrain of the day – and the night ban.

And the car can not be helped; Cliffs in the west of Burgau is only accessible on foot, and the inhabitants do not know the caves of the east.

None of this is recommended that the kidnappers are under pressure, which is why residents are skeptical that Madeleine is hidden near the Burgau.

They told the Daily Star Online: “It’s really garbage, it’s very hard to wear it base of the body Forget ..? ”

PICTURESQUE: The fishing village of Burgau is increasingly popular with tourists

And if the underwater caves nearby, throwing everyone in the sea in the middle of the night is not without challenges.

A beach west of the city, Praia das Cabanas Velhas by car, offering easy access to the sea for one person.

But, to reach deeper waters means to bring the children on the slippery rocks on the beach in the moonlight.

It does not explain why the kidnappers did not know they wanted to kidnap a child and they would give up now.

Michael Havis
ON THE SCENE: Star reporter Michael Havis climbed over the rocks to the waterfront

However, there is no reason for Mr. Cristovao’s theory to believe that anyone Madeleine McCann has to the west of Praia da Luz passed.

A local with the knowledge of the case concluded that the East is also the direction of the nearest presence of the police, police store near Lagos.

Pak Cristovao, which explains his theory of mirrors, said he had come to a conclusion about the caves climbing into the “shoes of someone who just took the child. ”

He said, “In the east, people, buildings, and a higher probability of detection without wild westward … It’s just a few steps from this rock ..”