How to make the perfect cake, and create a beautiful Victorian trim

What’s the secret behind a perfect pork pie? CREDIT: HEATHCLIFF O’MALLEY

Early last summer Chef Chef Callin Franklin rooted in the former Rosewood Hotels stores in London, where his restaurant, Holborn Dining Room, is housed. He did not expect to find much in the basement, but in the real Potteresque-style room Requirement, vintage cake molds won his eyes. He picked it up and started cooking, and the results were a cult success, with 22,000 followers (including many great Instagram chefs and food writers) salivating on his pictures of richly decorated Pies.

The cakes look like illustrations by Mrs. Beeton with their intricate, laborious decorations. Franklin is the kind of cooking. He does not have water bath (the chef’s favorite combination) in his kitchen, and the microwave is rarely used. When I visited him this week to find the perfect cake secret, he was busy trying to roll the dough.