Do not leave your old car – recycle

A towing car is essentially an autorecycling company for end-of-life vehicles. Automotive recycling has become a major industry worldwide. The reason for this is that the recycling of cars damaged function / dysfunctional is necessary for safe disposal. Autorecycling also benefits the environment.


Let’s see how self-destruction of a dysfunctional car reused:

Step 1: Take the car on the scrap yard

Cars must be discarded on the scrap yard. Some car owners sell their cars camper. You can put the car in the yard. However, if the vehicle is in a state that can not be placed on the farm, scrap bins provide services such as traction vehicles. Some owners can leave their car on the road. Auto Wreckers also haul these cars.

Step 2: Remove parts

Several parts of the car were carefully removed on sale / withdrawal. Parts, such as the motor, the frame, the battery is the first catalyst eliminated. Then the wheels and tires are removed. Then, liquids such as antifreeze, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission oil, etc. are removed by removing the functional parts such as stereo, mirror, headlight, backlight, etc.

Step 3: Restoration Parts

Some parts can have minor damage repaired. These are restored.

Step 4: Recycling of car parts

Many parts are recycled. For example, old car batteries are used to make new ones. The fluids such as antifreeze can be recycled to produce fresh antifreeze. The oils are recycled to produce fuels, etc. Parts such as tires and glass shards are used in other areas.

Step 5: Steel recycling

Most of the body contains, steel of the car. It crashed into a small room, then crushed and sold. This steel is used in many areas. Steel is in great demand worldwide. Its production is detrimental to the environment. In fact, it uses its other natural resources and puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Recycled steel is economical and reduces environmental requirements.

So we see that the automatic recycling produces many auto parts that can be reused. The good news is that most people prefer to use parts now instead of new cars. The main reason is that the parts used are much cheaper than new parts.
So we see that a tow truck is a service to the company through a car recycling!

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