Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Healing in London

Christian believers in London, United Kingdom should mark the dates from September 8 to 10 in their calendars. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a well-known Nigerian preacher and author, would be coming to the British capital to hold a three day conference entitled “Higher Life Conference UK”. This conference will be filled with different kinds of church services, including faith healing, and will be held at the O2 Arena, the second largest indoor stadium in the United Kingdom. Over 20,000 worshippers can fit inside, and the three day event will be reasonably priced at £1.50 per session, or £4.50 for the whole three day session.



The conference will be focusing on the idea that believers, being the children of God, are given a higher life. The flow of the program will be similar to Sunday church services, beginning with opening prayers and immediately followed by praise and worship. The event will be a festival of sounds and music, and talented gospel singers around the world are also coming in to perform. Through the course of the conference, healing services will be conducted and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is inviting those who have severe sickness and diseases to attend in order for them to be healed in the name of God. He stated that the impact of the event to believers will be great, and they can feel the tremendous power of the Holy Spirit throughout the conference.



In order to attend the program, interested people can pre-register and pay for the ticket. The conference will last for three days, and each day would have an afternoon session. The time of the conference also varies depending on the day. On the first day of the conference, the service will begin at 6 PM sharp; on the second day of the conference, the service will begin at 4 PM; and on the last day of the conference, the service will begin at 1 PM. Aside from the presence of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, another well-known pastor from Christ Embassy, the Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated would also speak in front to deliver the message of God. The service is expected to be filled with great wonders and miracles, with people being healed, anointed, speaking in tongues, and being given with hope and a chance of salvation. Each event is seen to end with revelations through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated was established by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and this Bible based Christian ministry aims to spread the word of God around the world through prayer and healing crusades. Being regarded as one of the most influential African preachers, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome managed to expand his ministry and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Seas in order to reach North America and Europe. He is also renowned for his philanthropic works and public services, spearheading programs like the InnerCity Mission Program, which aims to provide food, shelter clothing, and access to clean water and medicine, and free education for the people of Africa. He is also passionate in spreading the word of God, alongside healing services. He has cured a lot of sickness, diseases and disabilities in the past, and by the grace of God, his ministry has grown to include more than a million members. The influence of his church encompasses several nations, and they reach most of the Christians worldwide through this massive network.

 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has currently release his daily devotional entitled “Rhapsody of Realities”, and it has been translated to almost a thousand different languages, reaching people from every nation and tongue. He is also having a partnership with another phenomenal pastor, Benny Hinn, in establishing the first Christian TV Network in the United States.

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