This photo of a girl from Assam flood has become viral again

The photo of Assam flood, from June 2015 became viral again, as a result of the devastating floods. The number of photos for the region that generated a buzz suggests that is northeast more margin when it comes to drawing attention to social media.

Assam flood

The day of independence was a photo of children who hosted the national flag, which is located in the deep chest Assam flood waters in a school in the Dibru district of Assam, viral. While many considered it a reflection of true patriotism, others stressed – especially on social media – the degraded living conditions of the people in the flood zone. After the photo became viral, the Internet was celebrated with similar images of people celebrating independence in the Northeast. But now, there is another photo that becomes viral about Assam flood, and the last thing it is is solemn.
Downloaded on a Facebook page called The Voice of Northeast India, it has a girl displayed with a sign with a message in capital letters – “Mumbai: Rainfall, Complete Media Coverage, Assam Floods Every Year, Death of Hundreds of people, nobody cares. And we live in a society where we less 30 24 * have 7 channels of information that can show your horoscope, but not the horror of ASSAM. “The fact that the photography of June 2015 and re-emerged, went into this The year again viral The consequences of the devastating Assam floods that the state has seen. Unfortunately, the connection is still.
While there are few who challenge sentiment, social media has provided a platform for people in this region to listen to their voices.
Meanwhile, it is also true that the rush to Mumbai mainly due to poorly built roads, to dive into the caves and give the potholes, attract a lot of attention. This year has been RJ Maliksha satirical song of Mendoza, which is addressed to Shiv Sena (the Bombay Municipal Corporation controlled), according to civil civilian civil body This despite how to cause the alarming increase in the number of potholes after the rains That many people lose their lives too, including a toddler and Jagruti Hogale, a biker.

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