Politicians and social media: the good, the bad and the Ugly

In today’s increasingly digital society, we can expect our public employees to benefit from the many benefits of using social media. While many officials and politicians use this format, Donald J. Trump’s celebrity could have changed this environment in many ways, which was perhaps not even programmed and / or studied. Almost every morning begins with the president, his twitter account and tweeting a message, and, apparently, whatever might be in his head when he is seen. While social media has some advantages, there may be some negative points and / or ramifications. This article will try to discuss and discuss briefly the bad, bad, and bad use of this format.

social media

1. The voucher: The real benefit of using social media is to give someone the ability to bring their message directly to the audience, not diluted and / or censored! It also provides the opportunity to communicate in good time and, if well understood, programs and ideas that can make a significant difference for the citizens in the best. Unfortunately, this is often the case!

2. Bad: Reviewing the use of Twitter by Mr. Trump as a private citizen, candidate and now the highest post in the country, shows how potentially a powerful tool could be! Unfortunately, it is often difficult to distinguish between rhetoric (political or personal interest) and reality! The use of social media as a means of expressing common ideas and spreading lies, falsehoods or half truths is perhaps the bad aspect of this form of communication, because it is very easy to do, with very limited noise, etc. When a means for negative reasons is used to promote hatred, is wrong and bad!

3. The ugly: when will it be ugly, ugly? If you make no effort to create solutions, but plead guilty, complains and avoids personal responsibility! If our president uses communication, uses twitter and polarization for healing and self-promotion preferred to serve others, the atmosphere is ugly, as we have seen rarely, if you do not see it! We learned, the agents of Russia, trying to influence US voters, with Facebook, introduce false facts!

The reality is, though social media have the potential to be an excellent marketing and communication tool, they are too often abused and / or abused! We need a better leadership in finding solutions and meeting opinions!

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