Reviews of Lenovo Yoga Book

From the primary PC, for over 30 years, the PC input technique has not left the physical console. The YOGA BOOK totally takes out the physical console, which supplanted by the virtual console program, Halo Keyboard. The purported “Corona Keyboard” embraces the level Gorilla glass on its surface and backings both penmanship and virtual console capacities. This is without a doubt a strong achievement. Also, now, we should check it in detail.


Plan and Features

What’s more, the YOGA BOOK is a greatly thin and light 10.1-creep common two-in-one PC. The body weights just 690g and the most slender part is at just 9.6 mm. Acquiring a choice appearance and the one of a kind arm ornament shaft plan from the Lenovo YOGA arrangement of items, YOGA BOOK can accomplish consistently exchanging among an assortment of modes. Furthermore, I truly like this plan.

Accompanying a full touch 1080P IPS wide-point board and the Wacom 2048 canny weight stylus, it remains on the instructing statures of comparative items. For this stylus, it can likewise be supplanted with the ink refills. You can put the genuine paper on the screen for composing or painting as the composition or attracting can be synchronized to the screen. Regardless of the possibility that there is a 20-page cushion on the screen, YOGA BOOK can likewise give a decent recognizable proof.


Equipment Configuration

Concerning the correct equipment setups, the YOGA BOOK is furnished with the Intel Atom X5-Z8550 quad-center processor with the Cherry Trail engineering quad-center plan and the most extreme recurrence of 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 64GB memory from Samsung, and the Intel HD Graphics (the 4EU least form). Since that the YOGA BOOK receives a to a great degree vitality productive Intel Cherry Trail Atom X5 processor, the entire power utilization is low. With respect to the representation, the 4EU least form is constrained for concentrated diversions however can totally meet the typical superior quality video equipment rendering and desktop illustrations rendering. Obviously, it is able for approximately 2D page amusements and old 3D diversions. That is sufficiently only for regular clients.

Furthermore, the Lenovo Yoga Book accompanies two cameras, the front (2.0 MP) and the back (8.0MP), a Micro USB interface, a Micro HDMI interface, and a TF card space, and so on.

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