Why swim with pigs while you can swim with the flamingo on this Caribbnean island?

Remember when the internet was inducted with swim swim in the Bahamas?

Sanne Helder
(Picture: Sanne Helder/Instagram)

They were there, Doggy paddle by the clear waters – snout high, will delight the Instagrammer vacation.

But this summer, the other animals are in the spotlight.

Flamingos on the island of Aruba is the new star of the IG.

They actually live only on a small private island in possession of a luxury hotel, 10 minutes from Aruba to go by boat.

But that does not stop him from throwing people away, to have selfie Pink Flamingo.

Unlike a normal flamingos do not migrate to this island – they lived in a small beach all year round.

Usually birds migrate from July to March each year and even though they may stay in one place for the winter it is not normal for them to stay there throughout the year.
So why this bird does not move?

After a few travelers claimed to have noticed that the flamingo had cut off the wings at that particular place, to prevent them from flying – a request that was not confirmed.

But that does not mean you can not go ethical and pink flamingos.

There are other Caribbean islands, where they live in their natural habitat – and where they migrate back.