The best setup for taking pictures with the Nikon D3400 DSLR

If you’re already a photographer or learning photography, you’ll have the most skills to capture video, but you’ll have to keep a few things in mind or Nikon D3400 have not thought about them. , The first is the sound. Sound is very important when you are making a video, and the reason is that your brain is very good at putting together video clips and making a story. When it comes to sound, if it is not a good sound or coherent, it can be very annoying and only hear a radio station, for example, where you are not properly aware of it, to recognize how much sound you can hear. really a distraction and really be very damaging to the experience. So the goal of recording a video is to create good visual effects, but also a good and consistent sound. When people move away from this video, they feel they have enjoyed video and do not distract them. experience and make everything nice amateur.

Nikon D3400

The other thing that is really important when you record videos is to understand that you are released from the moving picture. If you are filming a scene, especially if you are recording a scene that you want to tell a story, then you will try to integrate some of the components of that story into the frame, and the place where they are in that frame narrative help. When you’re shooting a video, you can have multiple elements of the story, but not necessarily at the same time in the picture, because you can move the camera and move the video from one component to another, bringing these two components together. It’s a really interesting skill to develop, and it takes your videography to a much higher level, but it’s something that a still photographer is pretty hard to understand and very good at. These are the two elements, sound and composition, that you need to explore deeper and consider when recording a video than when you normally take pictures.

Take a look at the Nikon D3400 and see how we can prepare it for recording videos. Unlike other cameras, there is no special video mode on the mode dial. I recommend leaving it in AUTO mode or leaving it in MANUAL, because in Video mode you have an automatic mode that does everything for you, or you change it to manual mode where you have more control.

First, let’s see a car so we can see it. Go to the menus and then to the SHOOTING MENU. The last option is FILM CONFIGURATION. These are the only configurations specifically designed for video capture and all in one place. There are several options: picture size and frame rate, movie quality. Microphone, wind noise reduction and manual movie adjustment. Let’s start at the beginning and look at the size of the image and the frame rate. There is a long list of different frame rates and picture sizes. 1920×1080 is Full HD and is probably the best quality you can shoot in a DSLR outside 4k, this is the revolutionary new system that, although people talk, only a few people use it. Sure, in terms of social networks, YouTube or Vimeo or any of these platforms, they’re more than happy to take 1920 x 1080 and are indeed more than happy to carry one as well. That’s 1280×720. 1280x 720 means HD and 1920 x 1080 means Full HD.


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