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Tech Tent
Tech Tent was winding up

Just as tek tents ended last Friday, a message flashed on my screen of a computer problem in NHS hospitals.

It quickly became one of the most devastating against cybercrime we saw a course – and the program this week, we see what happens to the possible identity of people behind the Wannacry ransom.
But most programs came from Paris, where we try to figure out if the technology France will benefit from a revival under the new young president.
Follow the ransom
There are many theories, but no clue that leads to that behind the pocket money list was Wannacry, the world’s hundreds of thousands of computers infected.
But the most interesting part of these devastating crimes that the perpetrator with a certain recovery might end up in. They demanded that the victims who wish their frozen file do not want pay ransom in only three Bitcoin Wallet – and it shows that they can not be the most modern criminals.
Tom Robinson Elliptic, companies that track Bitcoin transactions said that in many cases the band Ransomware create a separate bitcoin address for each of their victims.
He said $ 90,000 (£ 70,000) in the Bitcoin wallet came so far, but the movement of money may seem too risky for criminals.

The thieves behind WannaCry may never be able to cash in

French robot future
France is a country with great tradition in technology and design to beat home world companies such as Airbus and Renault. But if at the beginning of the technology thinks it is an image problem, a country with labor laws has been considered rigid, a lot of bureaucracy and unwillingness to take risks.
But an area where it draws is robotics and INNOROBO annual exhibition in Paris, we find a spirit of optimism about the future of this industry.
After a career in the aviation industry, Norbert Ducrot launched a robotics company with great ambitions – to solve the problem of caring for elderly people.
UBO designed its robot to monitor its owner, transfer data collected from health from your doctor or smartwatch. It will be built in China, although the software and design made in France, and he plans to sell me for the price of high-end smartphone.
He said robotics is an important industry for France. “20 years is a revolution for smartphones. 20 years in the future will be a smartphone on wheels that is a robot. “

Ubo will help to keep an eye on elderly relatives

Away from the show, in the offices of the country in the north of Paris, filled with the engineers, we find more innovative companies of robotics. Keecker Started by Pierre Lebeau, who works for Google in France and Silicon Valley.
The idea is to build a multimedia center at home that you can call any room in a wall video project, play music or even make video calls to friends. After four years of work, the products go on sale in autumn in France, the UK and the United States.
It’s an idea that is more likely to be from the Silicon Valley like France, and he said that his experience at Google taught him great thinking.
But Peter tells us to leave our preconceived opinions about his country. “Many things have changed in recent years, we have a special status as a technology company, we pay less tax on the staff and we have a tax deduction which is great. But the need to change – Paris is one of the most important European metropolises is to start a business “.
And in the former office of the newspaper Le Figaro, which now houses a venture capital firm, Partech International, and some of them excelled, it is the same mood.
“We French is not good, and marketing promotion itself,” admits Marie-Hortense Varin, but he managed to find a list of successful technology companies that were born in recent years, including company and ADTECH recruit Criteo.

The Keecker robot is a home helper and media centre

And the idea that France avoid risks: “Choosing a president who is 39 and has never held a polling station – if there is no risk, I do not know what it is,” he said.
There are a few years of digital minister Emmanuel Macron is a figure who does not know but as people who fight for a small technology company, it was a start-up community entrance. Now he is President and Marie-Hortense, citing his victory as proof that all changed.
But while the whole community of technology invested much hope in a new president, there is also a sense.


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