The Asian city that addresses everyone

Centuries of world trade, conquest and colonization have made Delhi one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

With 26 million people, Delhi has been described as a microcosm of India, with ornaments of many cultures, religions and traditions. World Trade Conquest Centuries and colonization have made the city one of the most multicultural in the world. And residents who adapt to this changing culture are considered “Dilliwalas” – term residents often say, from the “Dillwalo ki Dilli” stage, where people live with great hearts.

Dillwalo ki Dilli
Delhi is one of the most multicultural cities in the world (Credit: hadynyah/Getty)


This diversity makes it easy to find their niche. “The vibe of Delhi is very similar to the aroma of good coffee,” he said Nishchal Two New Delhi, Delhi region in the largest and capital of India.


“You can feel more things when you come and it is all up to you to choose what you like. “
The atmosphere is very similar Delhi good coffee aroma – you can embrace a lot of things when you go inside and it is all up to you to choose the one you like.
This city is the political and fashion of the country, creating an atmosphere that evokes a mix of New York and Washington DC, according to Mya Anjhula Singh Bais living in New Delhi for six years. This means that it can be a little more difficult to assimilate than in other Indian cities though. “Delhi is more who you are, where

The marriage is five to 10 days and can accommodate up to 1,000 guests (Credit: John Batdorff II/Alamy)

they come from, what you are wearing or driving, it takes time to get in,” he said.
Despite the diversity, young and old Delhiites united on one thing: love a good deal. The wedding here five to ten days and can accommodate up to 1000 people for events, festivals and ceremonies. While marriage across the country tend to be business for several days, Delhi has gained a reputation over 60,000 marriages on unique targets. And marriage became so prodigal that MPs also passed a bill to curb excessive spending. “It’s not unusual to see the groom arrived at the wedding in a helicopter on D-Day,” said Dua. “I’m not joking, my father was a pilot. ”


With more than a million marriages in town each year, extravagant and strong parties are a major part of the social life of the citizens, but the youngest and the west scene also in many locales and restaurants. The city has a long culinary culture with different flavors and new seats were open all the time. The Bais Hau Khas Village social show, the collaborative cocktail work space; Prohibition of Public Affairs; Or a restaurant for European Civilian Inspiration at the Khan Market.
Where do you live?
Expatriates tend to gather in South Delhi, particularly in the nearby city of Gurgaon (30km southwest of New Delhi), home to many multinational corporations.
South Delhi, a vast area in Delhi, is also considered to be a place to be taller. Vasant Vihar home to many embassies, while Golf Links (near the Delhi Golf Club) and near Lodhi Road is also considered as part of the prestigious neighborhood.
“If you are not one of the lucky ones with an

Home to many multinational businesses
Home to many multinational businesses, the city of Gurgaon is popular with expats (Credit: SIBSA Digital Pvt. Ltd./Alamy)

office right next to where you want to spend your free time, decide if you want to be stuck in traffic every day to go to the office or at night and at weekends social activities at the” suggested Linn Back, Ambassador International from a small city in Sweden. “I chose the second, that’s why I live in Gurgaon about 15 to 40 minutes away from my office in terms of traffic, but that means I’ll be locked in traffic for at least an hour to get to Friday night tonight.”

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