Theresa May visited the victims in the hospital in Manchester after saying cowardice solved by the courage ‘and insists attackers attempt to share Britain

THERESA MAY visited victims at the Manchester bomb blast hospital just a few hours after they hit “cowardly” terror incident that left 22 dead.

Theresa May wrote a message for the book of condolences at Manchester Town Hall this afternoon

Outside the tricky word. 10 This morning, the Prime Minister of Georgia said that “a cowardly embarrassed brave guy and a man” who stopped to help when the suicide bomber killed the crowd after the explosion hit pop concert.

The Prime Minister of Georgia then made its way into the North City House Secretary Amber Rudd to meet with the police – and visit some of the victims at the hospital.

Ms. May said this morning that terrorism will never be defeated in Britain.

He said: “The attempt to divide, has brought a lot of legislation that has not brought us together.

“All of us, each of us should stand for the people in Manchester during this difficult time.

“Today we remember those who died and let us celebrate who helped secure that the terrorists will not win and our values, our country, and our lives always celebrate.

“All terrorist acts cowardly attacks innocent people.

“But this attack is his terrible, morbid eccentricity.”

She said the terrorists would never win as she vowed to fight the cowardice and callous ideology of the attacker

“Consciousness of innocent and vulnerable children who must benefit from one of the most memorable nights in their lives.

“We are struggling to understand warped and one mind that sees that the room is packed with children, do not appreciate it as a place, but as a means of slaughtering.

“We can not do ideology and defeat that often violent.”

The election campaign was suspended by all parties in the light of the attack – the spokesman said the Prime Minister said on the afternoon that he would remain “until further notice”.

Hundreds turned out a vigil this evening in the center of the city – including Jeremy Corbyn, Amber Rudd, Tim Farron and Speaker John Bercow

Ms. May called the British to remember the images of men and women who urgently need help to get injured last night.

“In the terrible moments like this, it is ordinary leaders, politicians, and others condemning criminals and explaining that terrorists cannot win.

“But the fact that we stayed here and the fact that we should say that it does not yet make it less true.

“As often as we’ve seen worse humanity in Manchester night, we’ve seen the best.

“The eccentric striker hit the courage of urgent and people in Manchester.

“Attempts to divide, have met lots of actions that bring people closer together and in the near future, things should be that we remember.”
“We are depicting images in our minds, should not be the meaningless massacre, but ordinary men and women who represent concerns on one side of their own security and rushed to help.

“The urgency of women and men who worked tirelessly to provide comfort and help save lives.

“The initial messages of solidarity and hope for all those who open their victim victims.

“They are pictures that symbolize the spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Great Britain – the mind that will never be broken on the conflict and terrorism will never break”

He spoke about the news channels in the police in Manchester and promised that “we will not allow terrorists to win.”