How to work productively from home?

In this article, I describe something I learned years ago. And that could also make a big difference for you?What distinguishes the employees and self-employed are the distinctions they make. Distinctions about how they see themselves, their attitude to time and hours of work. Two meanings of the distinction from a dictionary are:
“A difference or contrast between similar things or people”.
“The separation of things or people into different groups according to their attributes or characteristics.A man I had known for years worked as an insurance salesman at home. He put on a suit and tied and behaved like a professional, among other things in the office. Although he was still at home.Today, more and more people can be on the internet and have a computer at home what they have done in an office. This saves you time and money associated with traveling.

Here is and how distinctions are important.Suppose you have an office where you work. Perhaps it is in the living room. How mine is. Or you can have a separate room, a room.For everyone in your household, you must specify where we work from. “It’s your job.” And when you’re working, you’re “at work”.You can have small children at home during the day.

With the kids, make it a game, have fun installing the distinction.

To start,
– Take a look at your “office”.
– Show them all the pieces that make up your “office”.
– What are you doing in your “office”?
– Why is it important for you to be able to concentrate? And it takes a moment of silence to do it.
– That you earn money for all the good things for them to enjoy.
– Ask them for their help!

You might say, “When you see this office (mama or dad), I work for you, so while I am in my office, let me get into the work I have to do.

The structuring of your day is also helpful
– Define the time blocks when you are ‘At Work’.
– Draw a schedule for the week and stick it to the refrigerator door.

The distinctions are invisible, the immaterial creatures. You can make chaos in your mind. Or are firmly anchored with discipline.You have to exercise discipline when you work, you are “at work”.That you realize you learn something new every day.

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