To see how others see us

As others see us

They judge how others see us and whether it reflects the image exactly, which we want to convey, must begin to ask the question: “What image do we want to convey or think we teach?

When it comes to business and the main impression that we want to have an impact on customers and potential customers, there is an entire PR industry, marketing, branding and consulting that help Develop tactics and strategies and manipulate. These are essentially tools that can be used to force the buying activity and the state of our thinking and influence the decision-making process.


As we see from others

Buyers are able to be influenced by what processes of mind manipulation, but they are also able to exert a high degree of differentiation. In the confirmation of their own decisions they can in turn affect the market and the range and quality of the offer. They are heavily influenced by their peers and it is important to better understand this interaction.

Unique nature of the Self

When it comes to our perception of how we are perceived by contemporaries, customers, customers, friends or aliens, we are aware that we are not just human models. There is an inner depth for all of us, as well as a number of ideas and experiences that shape our uniqueness in the world. When you deal with others, friends or business relationships, we impressed the attention we create in these encounters. It helps to generate the energy, sincerity of the enthusiasm and commitment we bring to conversations and expressions. It helps to give listeners measurements of transparency, sincerity, honesty and integrity that emit from conversation and body language. It also adds an extra sum of by-product to the listener to take on board what is suggested or recommended.


Awareness of where we are, who we are and what we do is crucial to the power and consistency of our actions. Our speech and the tone and content of the voice also express the sensitivity, sincerity, empathy, understanding of others, of course, the language of the body that accompanies it.

Whether it is the fact that it occupies a prestigious rank or the highest place of a manor or a castle, camouflage everything in the world, will not hide the absence of a sensible disposition. If you lack the fundamental respect of our fellow men or calculated their intrinsic value by race, color or belief, then it pulls that person and gives them a crown or title and puts them in position of authority or power, Add a Scintilla of intrinsic value to their characters. Be true to yourself. You will be another person.

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