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Trade GBP, a website that allows people to trade from home over the Internet, is a lot more than what its name suggests. It provides an entire host of services for ordinary people to trade in various markets from the comfort of their homes. On its “Getting Started Today” page, this forex trader mentions the simple steps involved in beginning trading, namely:

  1. Open an account on the website,
  2. Install the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) app on your smartphone,
  3. Log into the MT4 app and set up your profile, and
  4. Deposit money into the aforementioned account to start trading.

MT4 is an online trading platform recommended by the forex traders for its customers, which provides live prices and other market updates to guide their decisions. It combines user-friendliness with security and is available for free on Google Play.

Trade GBP

The TradeGBP website lists the many markets in which prospective traders can buy and sell it, including the gold, silver, precious metals and oil markets. They can also trade CFDs, Forex, indices, and commodities to attempt to gain profits.


One of the great features of their website is the option for new customers to open a demo account, with which they can learn the entire process of trading, make demo investments on actual prices and observe the results of their buying and selling. They can do this without risking any of their capital while they get used to trading online. also has an education center which contains a wealth of instructional videos and e-books with coverage of the basics of trading along with a few tips from seasoned experts. However, the main resource provided by the group is the “Market News”, which gives people the latest market trends, prices and more. Customers are advised by the website to use their own judgment in making trading choices, as the information contained in the market news is provided as is and without the financial opinions of the company’s experts.

Once a customer is ready to begin trading, there are several live account options for him to choose from: standard, silver, gold, and VIP. A comparison of all aspects of these accounts, including the currencies each can hold, the number of days required for a withdrawal and availability of telephone trading, is available. For Muslim traders, there is the option of opening an Islamic account as well, with zero interest and commissions involved.

The website also lists the various instruments traders can use to buy and sell, including Forex, world indices, commodities and equities in the US, Europe, Asia and even India.

Thus, the website is a useful online trading platform for new as well as experienced users to try to profit from trading in worldwide markets.

If you are interested in learning more about forex traders, you should definitely start with them. They are some of the best professionals in the area, and you will gather lots of experience by visiting their platform, not to mention that their guidelines are available for free in the Google Play Store.


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