Trump promises Britain’s support after terrorist dam tweet London

After a series of offensive Tweets London embarrassed and many on both sides of the Atlantic, M. Trump provides support.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump offered his support to the United Kingdom, as well as thoughts and prayers

Donald Trump said he would do “to help everything in our power to help the United Kingdom” follow the terrorist attacks in London.

However, he avoided his earlier explosions on Twitter, which had used the attacks in London to push a travel ban mainly Muslim countries and another, the London mayor Sadiq Khan criticizes.

Talking to an annual fundraiser for Ford Theater in Washington DC, the US President, he said with British Prime Minister Theresa May had spoken and “expressed our steadfast support for our allies in the United Kingdom.”

Standing on stage with his wife and First Lady Melania, he added that the United States “will do everything to help the United Kingdom and its citizens to work, protect their country and bring the guilty to justice.”

“America sends our thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences to the victims of these battles, and we renew our determination is stronger than ever: to protect the US and its allies a common enemy who waged war on an innocent life, and that has lasted too long,

“The bloodshed must end this bloodshed will end.”

Seven London
Seven people were killed and dozens were injured in London on Saturday night

The words came hours after a London-related tweets hill to his 31.5 million supporters, who have offended and embarrassed some on both sides of the Atlantic.

Shortly after three terrorists deliberately hit pedestrians on the London Bridge before they stabbed their van people, M. Trump tweeted: “We must make the judgments of our rights we need. The travel ban as an additional measure of security! ”

The ban was blocked by the US courts, but last week the administration of M. Trump formally requested to allow the Supreme Court to its entry into force, arguing that the restriction of the immigration of refugees and visitors in Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen is necessary for national security.

A few minutes after her first tweet, he seemed to have thought again and chosen a diplomatic tone instead, chirping, “What the United States can do to London, and the United Kingdom we will be LA low – we are with you, God bless! ”

But at noon on Sunday, as many Brits still have digested the news overnight, the Mr. Trump Tweets hit again.

He wrote: “We have to stop, our people are politically correct and get the security thing, if we are not intelligent, it will only get worse.”

He followed him with a tweet in the words of M. Khan. The mayor had told London that she would see an increased police presence in the days after the attacks, adding that she should not be alarmed.

M. Trump seemed to take these words out of context, telling: “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in a terrorist attack and the mayor of London said there was no reason to be concerned”

A Mr. Khan spokesman said later that the mayor has “more important things to do than answer the uninformed tweets Donald Trump.”

A few minutes later, the diffused thoughts of M. Trump turned to firearms and he tweeted: “Notice that we have weapons debate now because they are this? Used knife and a truck! ”

On Sunday evening, the person who kills in the name of the United States Embassy in London may have felt the need to build bridges again and tweeted a clip of M. Khan’s statement with his own comment: “I welcome the strong leadership of MayorofLondon as He leads the city in advance after this abominable attack. “