Was It a Miracle or What?

“Is it true that it was a Miracle?”


“Are you hitched?” solicited one from my companions. “Actually no, not yet” said I. “I have heard that you have”. “No, I say, no” was my reply. “Alright! Are you inspired by marriage?” said my companion, “I have a match for you, on the off chance that you so seek”. “Indeed, I am prepared”. “So we ought to go to theirs when you are free”. “I am prepared when you are free, let me know and we go”. “No, you see and let me know when you are free”. “Alright, then let it be on coming Sunday” I said. So it was chosen. Time was settled for us to get together and begin for the concerned city, a major one in Pakistan.


On the settled day, date and time, we met each other and began for our goal. It was right around 80 kilometers from the place where I grew up. My companion’s in-law family lived there. The meeting was orchestrated at his in-laws.


I don’t recollect whether we were the first to reach there, or they. We were made to sit in an extensive lounge area; where obviously there was no supper yet tea, yes, tea alongside cakes and treats.


Amid tea, I was put a couple addresses by my future relative around then. The main question was, “My little girl is doing some work. Would you mind doing the occupation, for sure?” I said, “I won’t worry about it, rather I am satisfied that she would be with me to gain something for us”. A couple of all the more such inquiries were there which I overlooked; I essentially recall that she “my future spouse”, around then, grinned.


The meeting not long after tea was over. My eventual relative and would-be spouse around then went out first. I was welcomed at theirs. It was approximately a few weeks after the fact.


When we came to there, we were gotten by her companions. We were given a warm welcome, then lunch obviously. It was a paramount occasion, however I don’t recall anything specific yet her companion approaching me and approaching me for my postage information, which I gave and received my future spouse’s consequently. “You can feel simple and keep in touch with her, as and when you like” was her companion’s offer.

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