What clothes should you have in any color

Clothes in our life.Regardless of how many dresses you, it always seems to be missing in your wardrobe. Remember to take advantage of the opportunity, you must buy one more, and must have all the other clothes in a different color that you have. The ways to combine them with suitable shoes and jewelry are huge, and when you add makeup and hairstyles, only the sky is the limit.

1. Clothes for the daily

casual clothes

The casual dresses are the best friend of every woman when it comes to a casual day when all you have to do is make the kids to school or light shop. In the case of these dresses, shape / model clearly defines their purpose and to avoid strong color combinations is a way to go.

The monochromatic designs are a sure thing when it comes to any combination to match, and if you had not had enough time to prepare for the house, but you always want to be stylish and noticed, choose a good color combination and jewelry. Decide for more vibrant colors and / or accent jewelry if you want to draw attention to the combination without you disappearing. In all shades and nuances these clothes are really the best friend of all.

2. clothes for success


On Sundays more special, for a cup occasional coffee or a light brunch with close friends, flower dresses are safe. In view of the wide variety of colors, shapes and materials, it is not surprising that these dresses fit all occasions.

Look at combinations of vibrant colors of yellow, red and blue in these dresses for relaxed summer nights, dine not so casually in restaurants in the area or a cocktail or two from everyday stress. The swimmers are like them, and in bright colors, these clothes are sure to excite the eyes of the passersby and make you feel light and unloaded. Consider the brighter tones of yellow and pink for days and the shades of darker blue or red friends in the late afternoon and evening.

3. clothes to impress

wedding clothes

The narrow dresses, on the other hand, are a way to celebrate more formal occasions: the wedding company of the friend, a graduation dinner or a banquet of promoting your man’s name only a few. In addition, they are perfect for night occasions and their elegant shape is to bring a canvas the full light of your most delicate jewelry.

The color is more restricted here than in other types of clothes. Consider a light cream for a wedding occasion to dress, bright red, if you want to be the focus of the evening or a black dress and black (small black dress) for all occasions: the most elegant, it will certainly take your support Sends a strong statement.

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