Women at the IIT hostel in Delhi said to attend a conference on “blankets, clothing full value”

There is an inn IITD two girls – Himadri and Kailash. (HT Photo)

A hostel for women from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) has set up a notification asking women to wear “Western clothes or entire India found” the day of their homes.

Today the house is an annual event in which institutions citizens can invite guests at the hostel for one hour. The event is scheduled for April 20.

Notice, set at Himadri and signed by the Director, divided by inmates with Pinjra Tod – students who fight against discriminatory rules for women in a dormitory, universities, and colleges.

Calling it an act of the moral police, members of Pinjra Tod said: “Why do they think we need a director to use the paint for women”?

When asked notice, the Registrar IITD Sandeep Chatterjee requested HT spoke to the inn manager. HT has also been trying to talk to the dean of student affairs, but he was in a meeting.
The story will be updated after the Director and Dean met.

There are two hostels for girls in IITD – Himadri and Kailash.

“This is the first time that such notice is in place. There was verbally told us in the future will be completely covered, but the writing was published for the first time,” said a senior year BTech, which he lives in Himadri accommodation.

A former student, who lived in the same dorm, said he has received this direction all the time, but “no one really followed and no one was punished for not following it.”

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