10 Tips on How to Add Text to Photo


10 Tips on How to Add Text to Photo

Nowadays, a lot of people like to use images with text to do promotion on social media sites. Usually, only few texts are used in social media marketing. More of the influence comes from the image that you post.

Therefore, you must not waste the opportunity of adding text to image to convey the message to your prospective customers. The following are 10 tips on how to add text to a picture.

1. Font Must Match Image Message

The font type and the image should relate to one another. Look closely at the image and find a font with the same personality. Sometimes, a font with opposite personalities of the image can work too. The most important thing is to make sure there is a balance between the text and image.

2. Text Color Must Be Legible

The text color must be in contrast to the background so that it is legible. You can use more than one color of the text as long as it is a color that contrasts with the background.

For example, white text will look clear on a dark background like black. If it has a light background, you should use dark text. If you see a color in an object that contrasts well with the background, you can use the color picker tool to extract the color and apply it to your text.

3. Putting Text Over Image

If you want to display text across the image, make sure it is a landscape image and that you don’t let the text cover the faces of people.

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Building the text can help to make it stand out from the landscape background. Short text works best with this technique. If there are a lot of words, you will get the best result by using a sans serif font.

4. Creating Visual Hierarchy with Text

There must be a clear hierarchy of the text according to its importance. Text that you want people to see should be bold or italic. If you incorporate logo in the image, it should be obvious, but not draw as much focal point as the text.

Lines can be used to direct the viewer’s eyes to the text. You can also use shapes like arrows and triangles to direct the viewer’s attention.

5. Text Must Be Related to the Photo

Tips Add Text to Photo

The text must match with the main action in the photo logically. It must not be placed on the important parts like the main action. The text is not to be added over the face unless it is how you want to convey your message. Ideally, the text is put in a blank space and sized accordingly.

Blank space does not refer to white space, but it simply refers to a section where there is no object, for example, a part of the sky or the wall.

6.  Make the Text Look Natural in the Image

You can make the text become part of the image by using the blank space technique. However, it can be hard to find a photo that let you embed the text naturally.

For example, you can erase away the word on the banner of a building and replace it with your own text or putting the text on the wall of a building.

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7. Using Header in Photo

Headers should appear significantly larger than the descriptive text on the photo. You can align the header text to the center of the graphic so that it looks balanced.

There must be some spaces in between so that the header is not positioned too close to the graphic. There should be more space in between the header and the text than the space in between the sentences.

8. Paying Attention to Margin Space

When inputting text on the photo, you must make sure there is some margin space in between the text and edge. A good margin is neither too wide nor too thin. If you have no good idea what is a good margin space, you can put the text inside a box outline.

Some people have tried to put text closer to the edge to create a text bleeding effect. If you want to bleed the text on the edges, you should capitalize all the letters and make sure they are still readable.

9. Blurring the Background

Blurring the photo can help to make the text stand out. There is no need to blur the entire photo. You only need to blur the background where you put the text. It also brings to focus the object that showcases the overall concept in the photo.

10. Making the Image Transparent

Another technique is to make the image transparent so that the text will appear more visible. Many photo editing software has an opacity slider that allows you to adjust the transparency from 0% – 100%. If you don’t want people to see the image, you can adjust the transparency to 60% – 80%.

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