Ask Pastor Chris How to Live in the Supernatural

Ask Pastor Chris How to Live in the Supernatural

“2018 is the year of the supernatural,” proclaimed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc. D.D.), President of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and Christ Embassy–as he began the December 31st New Year’s Eve Service.

After the opening worship song, “So We Lift up Our Hand to Praise Your Name,” Pastor Chris again said, “This is the year of the supernatural. We are moving in heavenly dimensions. Can you shout, ‘Amen,’ somebody?”

Some Highlights of the Year at BLW

Markedly, 2017 was a prosperous year for the Believers ‘LoveWorld (BLW) and for their outreach efforts such as:

  • com
  • Rhapsody of Realities
  • Inner-City Mission for Children
  • International School of Ministry (ISM)
  • Future African Leader Awards (FALA)

Then, as the final hours of 2017 began to slip away, Pastor Chris carefully prepared congregants to get a jump-start on 2018—the year of the supernatural!

Watch for the unexpected

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sermon came straight from the Bible. He used many examples from the Old Testament to illustrate how God is a mighty God who does not waste miracles in order to take care of his children.

As an illustration, he talked about how God rained down bread from heaven, provided water from a rock, made a way for one year of harvest to last three years in order for the people to celebrate the year of Jubilee, and the list goes on.

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Further, Pastor Chris pointed out that God did these things under the old covenant, but Christians are under a new covenant of grace, and God’s plan for us is to bless us with His unmerited favor and blessings.

Challenging listeners, he then asked the question, “What does it mean to be blessed?”

The impactful answer he gave was to be blessed means to cause to prosper and be favored by God–whereby he evokes successful outcomes in our lives, infuses us with divine abilities to do things, causes us to triumph, puts us in the way of divine appointments, and gives us the victory—just to name a few.

Furthermore, Pastor Chris reminded everyone that no matter what happens to Christians or with us, God makes it work out for our good, and by the same token, he also said that wherever the maximum-result, line is in a Christian life—God gives more than that because of His divine blessing of favor on that life.

Watch for the unexpected

Summing up, the pastor told everyone that this is a special time on God’s calendar, and he laid out the fabric of the way Christian lives will look if we spend 2018 expecting:

  • Supernatural supply,
  • Supernatural strength,
  • Supernatural abilities,
  • Supernatural insight,
  • Supernatural wisdom,
  • Supernatural knowledge, and
  • Supernatural health.
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However, he also reminded everyone to watch and pray lest we neglect so great salvation.

First Class Entertainment

The next highlight of the evening came when Martin PK, sang his newest Gospel single, Beautiful Jesus, which was the winning song at the LoveWorld Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) 2017.

The renowned, Spinach blessed the audience by singing her unmatched, “I Worship You,” inspiring everyone to begin to praise God.

Ending at the Beginning

2017 passed into history, and 2018, shining with possibilities, was welcomed in by this amazing evening and was highlighted when Pastor Chris prayed with those present and those watching from around the world.

Ending the evening, Pastor Chris closed by saying, “As we go into this very special year that’s coming, 2018, you’ve got to do things differently. I want you to get on Kings Chat, and send all the names of your family members for us to pray over. This is going to be a very significant year. We need to pray with words of prophecy into the lives of family members.”

The message that these Christians serve the one true God, Jesus Christ, is everywhere you turn at BLW, and it is demonstrated in everything Pastor Chris says and does.

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A great example of this was when their LoveWorld All-Stars ended the evening by collecting on stage with Pastor Chris to sing a special song together with the audience called, “We Made It!”