Barcelona Takes A Great Start This Season: Messi Proves Once Again As The Saviour!

Barcelona Takes A Great Start This Season: Messi Proves Once Again As The Saviour!

Did you watch how Messi cut his left foot and the ball made its way towards the bottom corner leaving the veteran goalkeeper helpless!  If you are watching the premier league then you certainly must have witnessed several amazing sweeps, goals, and points scored! If you are a real football fan then all these indeed means a lot to you. The game indeed was quite interesting and it was another lucky day for Barcelona! Barcelona won over Italian side with 3-0!

Barcelona challenged the out-going off-field crisis when Messi took the revenge from Juventus. The 3-0 win opened up Barcelona’s prospects to Champions League Campaign. Messi took a great involvement with every goal scored by the team. In this game, Messi beat Gianluigi for the very first time of his career and opened the floodgates before the half-time.

Just after Messi scored the goal, Ivan Rakitic added the second goal and opened defense of Juventus before Argentina could round off the scoring. He scored the second goal of the evening within 19 minutes of the game.

This victory of Barcelona has ranked the team on top of Group D next to Sporting Lisbon, the winner at Olympiakos at 3-2.  Barcelona has taken a great start in this season!

Apart from these amazing actions, Ousmane Dembele’s performance was even impressive as it was his debut. Barcelona has proved, when they have Messi they need not worry about goals and achievements.

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Juventus’s disturbance ever since the sides had met the last quarter-finals of the season with six alternations since the trip to Camp Nou which was held just five months ago. Messi’s free-kick rebounded to Luis Suarez’s path and was turned above by Buffon; it was the best effort from the opponent before Barcelona scored a goal. In the last minutes of the first half, Dembele got involved with the move when Messi broke the personal duck against Buffon.

Before scoring 1-2 with Suarez, Messi picked up Frenchman’s pass and had fired his shot into the far post with high accuracy. Juventus got a big chance for responding while the start time of the second half but Dybala was unable to match up with his finish and the shot was lifted over the bar!

Messi Proves Once Again As The Saviour

Messi was just a few inches away from scoring his second goal as another rough left-foot drive turned back from the inside of the post and the ball rebounded back off from Buffon’s head and dropped away. In this game, Messi escaped from getting his first ever red card moments as later he was booked by the referee Tomaz Klancnik for Messi’s attempts of getting a Juventus player concern. With the support of his teammates, Messi continued his protests for which he could have shown a yellow card for the second time by a strict official. Buffon defended Messia from his double with fine saves from free-kick. The veteran goal-keeper got once more helpless when Messi cut his left foot and guided the ball into the bottom corner scoring eighth goal of the season.

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Before trying your fate, you must remember, football is a team sport. Never a player can play for his own glory and except to score for his team. Sacrificing some personal recognition, the player can turn a good player for the team.

Football tips that a good player follows

  • If a player keeps the ball with him for the longest time then it is certain that the player would get tired in the first few minutes. The player needs to pass the ball and this is an energy-saving strategy as keeping the ball and moving all around the field fast along with the ball would drain out energy fast.
  • Wait for the ball until it arrives near! This is a smart strategy, that every player needs to follow, whether while defending or while creating a game. The player needs to have a proper plan what to do before the ball arrives near.
  • A good player never allows his opponent to swap the ball easily. While receiving the ball, the player must face back to the opponent.
  • The player must be prepared to give surprises to the opponent. The next move of the player must not be obvious to the opponent and the moves must be fast.
  • A smart player chooses to play on the sides of the field when there are lots of people at the center. Exploiting the sides, the player needs to send the ball towards the center for its teammate for finishing the game.
  • Players often plan for a triangulate game which requires association of other teammates. This is the best plan to break the tight defenses. Passing ball frequently to other teammates would create confusion for the teammates and the ball can be paved towards the goal post.
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Do you own skills of predictions?

If you are quite involved in the game then you must have developed the skill of predictions. Predicting a game and its consequences is quite difficult but persons with good fortune and instincts can easily predict the games. If you have such instincts then you must try your luck in betting.

You must have got involved in betting in your college days! College football betting is not the real bets. Would you love to get into some real betting in the football game? The theme of football betting does integrate conflicting opinions. Being a beginner it would definitely be tough for you. There are lots of strategies for real football betting which you need to learn about if you wish to win the bet! There are several things to understand about the deal before getting involved in it. It is essential to stay away from situations of contradictory and inconsistency.