How to Increase Blog Comments on Your Blog?


How to Increase Blog Comments on Your Blog?

If you own a blog or blogs, then you need to ensure that blog commenting is in full flow. Otherwise, there is no use in having a blog. Let’s face it, you started a blog because you wanted to promote or let the online community know about your online business. Perhaps, you might want to showcase your products or services, through your blog.

However, that can be possible, only when you receive lot of comments on your blog. That shows a high-traffic blog, which is good for your online venture. You can also be a traditional blogger who likes to share your thoughts on food or travel. These days, you can find bloggers related to food and travel in plenty.

To make sure that your blog gets noticed and you receive a good number of blog comments, you would want to use some pointers that have been discussed in this article. If your blog is not getting the comments that it deserves, then you should to do something about it, soon. When your comment section is not active, then you would want to read the below ideas carefully.

Encourage Blog Comments from Visitors

The best way you can get comments from your visitors is to write about something that they like to read. Viewers like to usually know more about the latest products released in the market. Before that, you will want to choose a niche that you are familiar with. When you think that you are good at a certain product or item, then you will want to blog about it.

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Writing something useful always gets noticed and when viewers find your blogs useful, they will recommend your blogs to others for reading and commenting. This way, you start getting more readers and comments. The ideal way to begin with, is to write about something you are familiar with and know inside out.

It could be anything. The content needs to provide an urge for the readers to write something in the comments section.

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Content Should Be Debatable

You would want to make use of content which is debatable. When you use these kinds of content, you know that your readers will comment on your blog. You might be surprised to find out the response you would have got. Small conversations would have started on your blog. This is a great method to generate more comments on your blog.

Allow Anonymous Commenting

When you badly want your blog to get comments then you got to try anonymous commenting. This kind of commenting allows readers to post without the fear of retribution. Sometimes readers feel scared to post their thoughts as someone might write flammable content on them and create tensions.

To avoid these bad situations, users like to post anonymously which encourages them to write without any fear. But spammers might show up. You will want to install a spam catcher on your blog. You can find several tools available on the Internet for free of cost. You need to also make sure that your reader’s type in codes before they write something on your blog.

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Using the above pointers, you can be rest assured that comments for blog will see an increase.