How Exactly to Be Happier and Even More Positive

How Exactly to Be Happier and Even More Positive

The human being instinct for self-preservation can be an inherently optimistic method of approaching the world since it assumes a couple of things:

  1. There will be a future and
  2. We want to be a part of that future.

However, regardless of this inherent optimism, we also carry around certain biases that may result in patterns of unfavorable thinking. For instance, because are wired for survival, our brains are predisposed towards searching for threats to your well-being.

This prospects us to weigh negative encounters as more important than positive ones. To be able to counteract these tendencies, you have to train your mind to become a more positive person.

Listed below are my 5 recommendations about how to be happier and even more positive in your daily life.


Probably the most crucial keys to being positive have been grateful for everything you have. There exists a ton of educational research out there right now demonstrating a large number of benefits that include having an “attitude of gratitude.”

Individuals who express their gratitude by stating it aloud each day to themselves, informing another person or keeping a gratitude journal have a tendency to report overall considerably higher degrees of well being, better wellness, and somewhat interestingly, an inclination to end up being less wasteful.

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Positive Thoughts

By consciously choosing or “fixing” different thoughts you can reinforce the habit of thinking positively and decrease the amount of negative thoughts in your mind. Take the time to observe your thoughts and try to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones, e.g. “I’m so fat” is a negative thought that triggers bad feelings.

By transforming this into “I know I’m fat but I’m exercising and eating healthy right now and I should see the results soon”, you are adding a positive and motivational twist to your original thought.


Happier and Even More Positive

Exercise, specifically cardio exercise, is absolutely needed for being truly a positive person. We have these bodies that can handle a variety of amazing things.

Sadly, though, a lot of us use our bodies mainly because conveyances that take us from spot to place (frequently from our front doors to your car doors). Whenever we work our anatomies to exhaustion a whole lot of our anxious energy gets burned up and we can be found to become more present, concentrated and happy.


Talking about being present, Presence is among the keys to positivity. Because we’ve such well-created brains we are able to spend a lot of our period anchored to days gone by or anxious about the near future.

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When you are centered on the right now, which may be the only time period which you may be sure about, you step away from the emotional rollercoaster of depression and anxiety and in to the calm of present reflection.


Ah, and the last necessary component for positivity is a reflection. When you’re able to breathe and think about what matters you will find that what counts is love, family members, and community.

Acquiring stock of the bounty you will ever have offers you the chance to be really positive and grateful for all your blessings.

What exactly are you doing to improve your happiness?

Joy is a choice. It’s upon us to consider the right steps to become more positive. Hopefully, this content has helped you figure out how to become happier in your life.