Where Are the Liberties of The Americans? 5 Examples

Where Are the Liberties of The Americans? 5 Examples

Whether it is a progressive, moderate or conservative agenda, there is an almost universal consensus that we have seen a difference in American society since the election of Donald J. Trump in November 2016. While US Presidents generally have tried to unite to focus on leadership, President Trump has always favored his political core and his fan base, often using a combination of rhetoric, vitriol and making their claims. , with social networks. Regardless of your personal opinion about these individual and/or individual political preferences/beliefs, if we expect the United States to continue to uphold the principles of freedom that have distinguished us from our beginnings, we must do all we can. Do all kinds of things, protect them and do it to support our personal preferences. Here are 5 examples.

  1. Press freedom: a nation must protect our free press, whether it is a position or a position that supports our political position or not! If the president is constantly aiming for something that can take him from a non-positive and/or light perspective, like false news, he creates a dangerous and possible scenario that weakens one of our most fundamental freedoms! While these institutions must meet the standards of honesty in information and integrity, their research in the present and in the past has often protected these important American freedoms and the way they do it. Life!
  2. Civil Rights / Freedom: the United States is certainly a melting pot that has always been one of our greatest strengths! To overthrow one segment of our society against another is contrary to everything that has defended or represented this nation. If Mr. Trump is really a racist, as some belief, or simply expresses an opinion that others perceive as such, it is at best for the owner of the highest position, to use the level of negativity, vitriol and opposing rhetoric, he often used! We have seen other countries where populist leaders have played on their basis to consolidate their support and their power! In our commitment to all freedoms, our nation has been established, as well as an absolute commitment to civil rights, what will make the United States unique?
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Press freedom

  1. Right and right treatment: we can never offer different levels of freedom and justice for anyone, based on their ethnicity, race or social status! If Trump complains that a judge is of Mexican origin or prefers legislation that makes assumptions of ethnic origin, like a Muslim ban, then America suffers!
  2. Our representation: the representative government must be based on the premise that is based on the representation of people and people, it should be the responsibility of our elected representatives to prioritize the service and needs of our people, rather than your personal agenda and/or your interest!
  3. Elections: sustainable or populist: unfortunately, we often choose people based on empty and rhetorical promises rather than on the quality of their ideas and/or solutions. Too often, elected populist officials overlook their responsibilities, the relevant and lasting needs of all Americans, including the protection of all rights and freedoms, our environment and so on.

We are at a time when we have to determine where we want the United States to be, what it represents and what it should represent! Citizens should be less apathetic and constantly protect demand, all our freedoms!