Thor Managed to Defeat Hela and Save His Planet?

Thor Managed to Defeat Hela and Save His Planet?

Thor 3 : Ragnarok will be officially released on November 3 in America and China. To date, most fans of Marvel Comics have seen this long-awaited movie.

According to the movie trailer, Thor wants to face an unprecedented challenge as he loses his powerful hammer, which is broken by his sister Hela. As a result, he was trapped on the other side of the universe. Sakaar, where he becomes a gladiator who wants to defeat the powerful Hulk Because only if he beats him. But without his hammer Thor tries to defeat Hulk. Now the thunder god has completely fallen into a dilemma. And now Marvel Comics fans who can not go to the movies can be worried.

Fortunately, Thor has the opportunity to face his dilemma in Sakkar, which is led by Grandmaster. Valkyrie meets the Grand Master, trapped on the other side of the universe. Grandmaster gives him the iPhone Wireless Charger, which looks like a satellite dish. Thor collects a lot of thunder and releases it on short notice due to its exceptional fast charge feature. As such, Thor defeats the ruthless Hela and successfully rescues Asgard and his civilization.

Thor Managed to Defeat Hela

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