How to sell digital products in Bonanza

How to sell digital products in Bonanza

Digital product writers and resellers have been selling their products on eBay for many years. Unfortunately, in recent years, eBay makes this result more difficult. This is due to its restrictions on the sale of digitally downloaded products. As a result, many digital product vendors have been forced to look for an alternative.

Bonanza fits perfectly!

If you are not familiar with Bonanza, this is an online auction site, much like eBay. Bill Harding created Bonanza in 2007. Today, there are more than 20 million items for sale in Bonanza. These lists of articles are available in almost every country in the world. Of these items, there are of course downloaded products

Digital products are not yet fully compatible with Bonus, digital delivery is also managed. Your item is bought and paid, the buyer can download the product immediately

The ability to easily list digital products is a major selling point for downloadable software, e-books, add-ons, and more.

The list of your digital downloads is easy

How to sell digital products in Bonanza

  • Register Seller Account in Bonanza
  • Once your account is active, sign in and go to your seller’s control panel
  • Configure your publication by following the instructions / suggestions provided.
  • Select items and add or edit items. This will open your ad page.
  • Select Add Item This is the list creation page
  • Full title
  • Then you can download the pictures of your products.
  • In the article category box, go to Digital Articles, enter the article in the list of options.
  • Enter the number of items available
  • Complete the Detailed description field of the article
  • In the Delivery Selection field, you can download your digital file. (.zip file)
  • Set a price for your item
  • Click the Add this item to your booth button
  • You will receive a confirmation that your ad is now online.
  • That’s all there is to your item is sold, the payment is added to your PayPal account, the buyer will be able to download the item immediately.
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Another great feature of Bonanza is the rewards program. You get reward tokens for every action you take in Bonanza. The connection and list of items are just a few of these ways: these tokens are used for price reductions, list promotions and more.

There are many other great places to sell digital products online. However, if you sell digital products, Bonanza is surely among the best. If you are currently selling on other sites, do not neglect Bonanza!

I have been in the internet marketing business for over 18 years. At the time, I had my share of losses, which I consider a “right of passage”, so to speak. I have always believed, without a doubt, there is no success. The important thing is to learn from these failures and to move forward. “Any online marketer who says he has never failed, just does not tell the truth.”